New Year's Resolutions for the Big Sky Skier

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The top 10 resolutions Americans make every new year are:
1) Spend more time with friends and family
2) Fitness goals
3) Lose weight
4) Quit smoking
5) Enjoy life
6) Quit drinking
7) Get out of debt
8) Learn something new
9) Help others
10) Get organized

These resolutions are decent and all, but I wanted something more; something specific to my life and specific to my time here in Big Sky. My top 10 resolutions for 2014 pertaining to Big Sky Resort life are:

1) Ski more. Skiers often make resolutions or goals at the beginning of the ski season. However, no matter what time of year it is I also want to ski more. This will be the year.
2) Instagram more. Instagram is my favorite social network. Instagram is tough to beat for simplicity in photo and video sharing with my tight-knit group of friends and my tight-knit Big Sky community.
3) Buy a beacon (and brush up on my beacon skills). Safety first!
4) Ski the Big Couloir. With my new beacon in hand I will be able to head to "Big" (as many call it) and ski it with passion and guts. I cannot wait because I've never skied Big before, and what a perfect winter to do it.
5) Read The Big Sky by A.B. Guthrie, Jr. Guthrie was the first person to use the words "Big Sky" to talk about Montana. He wrote the award-winning screenplay for Shane, and published a number of award-winning novels about the American West. The Big Sky is waiting for me at home as I type this.
6) Après more at Headwaters Grille. Headwaters Grille is a fantastic, cozy spot in the Madison Base area with beautiful large format photos and a lovely little bar. Definitely a new lunch or après spot for me.
7) Buy new Rossignols. I love my K2 Misdemeanors. They're fun and turn well, but I cannot wait to get on some fatter skis (to ski the Big Couloir with). Rossi is the way to go.
8) Rock climb in Gallatin Canyon. I first rock climbed in sixth grade. Summer of 2013 I got back on the rocks and found that it's just as exhilarating as it was in sixth grade. My goal is to climb my way along the Gallatin Canyon this year.
9) Pay it forward (on the slopes and off). Paying it forward sounds like a fancy way to say: Be kind to others. However, the idea of paying it forward is more than that. Each time something good or kind happens to you, in turn, you do something good or kind for three other people.
10) Visit Yellowstone National Park in winter. I have lived in Montana on and off for 19 years and never seen Yellowstone National Park in winter. This fact naturally brings me some shame, but mostly disappointment in myself because Yellowstone is one of the most amazing places on earth and, as a national park, has even more to give in the wondrous beauty of winter.

Whatever resolution seems the most important, coming to Big Sky Resort in 2014 should be at the top of everyone's list. There is no place like Big Sky.

New Year
To Headwaters Grille at Madison Base Area.

Already Dreaming of a White Christmas

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I grew up in Great Falls, Montana. Great Falls sits on the banks of the Missouri River in the high plains of Central Montana, nestled near the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. Between the plains, the edge of the mountains and the Chinook winds (Chinook means "eater" or "snow eater") I often did not have white Christmases. A lack of snow is hard to believe considering Great Falls averages 50 inches a year of snowfall. Nevertheless, Great Falls could be as barren as a brick on Christmas Day.

Christmas 2013 will be different.

Not only has Big Sky had snow for about a month now, but it has had a lot of snow. Christmas in Big Sky is not going to be like Irving Berlin's White Christmas, where it doesn't snow in Vermont until Christmas Eve. Christmas in Big Sky is not going to be like a Caribbean Cruise, where it may be warm, but the only skiing that could possibly happen is behind a boat. Christmas in Big Sky is going to be epic-with white flakes floating softly to the ground, evergreens covered in snow, with the historical Huntley Lodge surrounded by Christmas lights like the night sky, and with a fresh turn or two to break in those new skis. Big Sky Resort offers a white Christmas for everyone, and I couldn't be happier.


Photo by Jen Rook.

Happy Halloween!

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Here lies my top ski-related costumes to tickle the trick-or-treater's fancy:

1) The Holy Ski Fool: This is a take on The Holy Fool, a character who possesses wisdom through simple-mindedness. A take on the gaper, The Holy Ski Fool may look less than stellar, but will progress the spirit of the sport far beyond my measly understanding of it. Due to the nature of the wisdom of this character, the costume is completely up to the fool.

2) Saucer Boy: In light of McConkey hitting theaters this month, dust off that round sled and honor the spirit of Shane McConkey the best way one can: through Saucer Boy.

Saucer Boy
Saucer Boy in all his glory.

3) Dumb and Dumber, I mean, Harry and Lloyd: Although I don't condone trips to Aspen over Big Sky, I do love Harry and Lloyd's ski attire; always classic, never classy.

dumb and dumber
Harry and Lloyd looking sharp. Although Harry's ski suit is nice as well. 

4) 80s Skier: Think Hot Tub Time Machine, but remember how we did it before that movie was even written? Bust out those leg warmers (I never put them away), scrunchie, fanny pack, and grab a hot pink headband, this look will kill.

The 80s want their poles back.

5) Glen Plake: This one may actually end up being more suitable for the ladies out there. Beware, getting the gel into and out of long hair may be more trouble than it's worth. On the other hand, going as Glen Plake makes one unmistakable.

Glen Plake
Glen Plake is the man (but we ladies can still go as Plake). 

Split Ends and Shredding

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Getting ready for the next day's adventures starts today ... at the Solace Spa and Salon. Upon my second visit to Big Sky Resort's Spa, this time to get those unruly bangs out of my eyes, I noticed two great things: 1) Going to the spa is relaxing and refreshing no matter where you schedule it in your day and 2) I've never had a hair stylist who I can ask about split ends, and about shredding the Big Couloir.

Having just come from work, a scalp rub, shampoo and trim was as relaxing as a massage might have been. Don't underestimate the power of just letting someone else do your hair. I also find a good facial just before a haircut relaxing. Opening up the pores after a long day exposed to the sun or sitting in an office makes me feel cleaner. The atmosphere at the Solace Salon is vastly different from what you'll find at a salon in New York or LA. Not to say that blasting Madonna, celebrity gossip and waiting hours for your appointment aren't what we've grown to love and expect from salons, but at Solace Salon the quieter, folksy guitar tunes, powder stash gossip, and on-time appointments make for a pleasant trip to the hair stylist and ensure that I'll be going back.

After the stunning hair cut from Sarah, I ventured into the chilly fall temperatures for an evening outside. Normally I would make sure to schedule a haircut before a night out or schedule spa day after a day of activities, it turns out a trip to the spa does wonders no matter where you put it in your day.
Get ready to look amazing this winter season at Big Sky Resort.


Countdown to Ski Season: 85 Days

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Female Skier

"Powder skiing is not fun. It's life fully lived; life lived in a blaze of reality." -Dolores LaChapelle

Dolores LaChapelle was a "powder skiing pioneer" who spent most of her time perfecting the art of powder carving in Utah, Colorado and Switzerland. She inspires this blog post because she too would have been counting down her days until winter. Or she would have done one better by traveling to the southern hemisphere, experiencing winter all year long.

For those of us who can't do that and can't wait to turn 'em downhill, I have good news: We only have 85 days left until ski season at Big Sky Resort!

The 2013 ski season will start like any other season, with a feast of snow on Thanksgiving Day. Wrap that turkey to go and pocket some pumpkin pie because it's going to be one for the record books. Each day from here on in as you peruse the latest issue of your favorite ski or snowboard magazine, catch up with cult classics such as The Blizzard of Aahhhs (1988), Further (2012), Deeper (2011), Into the Mind (2012), or mark your calendar for the nearest Teton Gravity Research movie premiere near you (see you later this month at Way of Life, Montanans) remember LaChapelle's deep ecology: that what we "experience in powder is the original human self ... undamaged in spite of what our present culture tries to do to us." Snow brings us together, nurtures the whole Self, and presents us with opportunities to go beyond our selfish ambition to shred, and serve our natural ambition to shred together.

See you out there in 85 days.


Male Skier Peak

Male Skier Two

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