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Trail Runner’s Paradise: Big Sky Resort

Written by Lyndsey Owens on at

TRAIL RUNNING... This sport can be enjoyed easily in Big Sky, Montana. All you need is yourself, maybe a friend or two and a dog is good too. Bear Spray, you want that, just in case and it makes you feel safer as you soar through the forest. You will need a pair of running shoes and comfortable clothing. Depending on your distance maybe some energy gels or a bar and water. Most importantly you need a trail to run. There are many trails to choose from, pick up a map in Big Sky Sports. Here are a few of my top picks:

This rolling up hill out-and-back is 10 miles. You can keep going to the saddle and make it 12 miles or further to Summit Lake 15 miles out-and-back. Want more? Keep going to Hellroaring (24 miles) or Spanish Creek (19 miles) Trailheads but you will need to set up a shuttle for your return. Start at the North Fork Trailhead located off of Lone Mountain Trail.

This true cross country lollipop loop is 5.9 miles- Start at Porcupine Trailhead. At almost 1 mile in right before the second bridge take the trail to the left follow signs to first creek where this lollipop loop starts. If you choose to go left then follow all junctions' right that should bring you back around and if you choose right- follow junctions to the left until you get back to the lollipop stick. If you are running toward Lone Mountain you are headed back to the trailhead. Porcupine Trailhead is located on highway 191 just north of the Gallatin Riverhouse Grill which is a great post run refreshment stop.

This up and around and down loop is 4.5 miles. Start in Big Sky Resort's Mountain Village, grab a trail map from Basecamp (they are free) then start trotting. This loop is part of the Rut 11k and 50k races in September. Grab a bite to eat at MT Smokehouse in the plaza when you finish.

Another trail running tip: It's good to let the wildlife know you are there. I like to give a good loud "Hey Bear" when I am entering or exiting wooded areas, descending into or ascending out of drainages or if I can't really see what is around the bend. Give it a try.

Happy Running!

trail running
Upper Beehive Basin Trailhead

A hop, skip, and a jump through the Mountain Village adventures

Written by Sheila D'Amico on at

I'm not a Mom, but I am an Aunt. A proud Aunt of two amazing girls who are 9 and 13 years old. I have a huge respect for my brother and sister-in-law who keep these two girls entertained. When we all go on outdoor excursions, I'm the first to say, "okay, Aunt Sheila needs a break." It's not that I'm too out of shape (let's face it we could all be in better shape), but I'm not seasoned in running around with these energetic young ladies. Honestly, that is why I love the Mountain Village plaza at Big Sky Resort.

Aunt Sheila can lounge with a beer while the girls enjoy multiple activities within a "look at me, Aunt Sheila" proximity. I don't have to move. Now, understand, we just went up the Scenic Chair Lift Ride and hiked down. I deserve this beer and those girls are like the energizer bunny (and just as cute, I must say). They've hit the bungee trampoline, are taking turns on the climbing wall and giant swing, while I cheer them on between sips and putting on sunblock (yes, I made sure they were lathered up too). When they've used up their turns, we'll hit the new miniature golf and try to find gems in the new Gemstone Mining area. I just love everything being within steps of each other. The older niece has been following in her Aunt's footsteps by taking up Volleyball (sorry, Bro, Basketball is a out) and there was even a sand Volleyball court in the plaza so we could pepper a bit (this is when two people bump, set, and spike toward each other).

I love these girls and any time I get to spend with them. The day will be topped off with pizza at Andiamo Italian Grille, just a hop, skip, and a jump (literally) from the Gemstone Mining. Hopefully they'll sleep soundly to be bright-eyed and bushytailed for the next day's adventures in Big Sky.

Scenic Chair Lift at Big Sky Resort.

Rainy Day Idea 3: Antique Alley

Written by Anna Husted on at

Antique Alley lies between Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana, and features nearly a dozen antique and thrift shops with treasures galore.

My mom had come to Big Sky for the weekend and we decided to make a day of antiquing. Antiquing our way to Bozeman resulted in some excellent finds: A wonderful high-end yet thrifty jacket from Consignment Cabin, a gothic style antique outdoor lantern from Antique Barn for $30, a fine art print from the ‘20s, and a unique bowl from The Coffee Pot (full disclosure: not an antique store). My mom also found these candle holders, which were old glass electrical insulators turned upside down.

I often do not have anything specific in mind when I go antiquing, but enjoy perusing Little Bear Interiors, Antique Barn, and JR Antiques between Big Sky and I-90.

A sense of belonging goes along with antiquing. As I walk the aisles I relish time and space; that I am meant to be exactly where I am and exactly when I am. I pick up a copy of Black Beauty from the mid- 20th century and know I'm neither the first nor last to hold this book. Strolling memory lane with my mom allowed us to bond over treasures of the past and nostalgia of the unique items we encountered. Antiquing provides another rainy day or down day activity a skip away from Big Sky Resort.

Antique Barn

Rainy Day Idea 2: Dinosaurs, Wolves, and Bears, Oh My!

Written by Anna Husted on at

When the rain comes it's only natural to look to local museums and theaters for inexpensive and fun entertainment. For me that means Bozeman's Museum of the Rockies, West Yellowstone's Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center or IMAX, and Big Sky's Lone Peak Cinema.

Founded in 1957, The Museum of the Rockies is a Montana staple with dinosaur specimens from all over Montana including the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex collection in the world. A great time to visit is when the museum's curator of paleontology, Jack Horner, is speaking, or time it just right to catch a light show in the Taylor Planetarium. I would also highly recommend the current temporary exhibition: Chocolate, which delves deep into the science behind the delicious dark treat.

Catch another glimpse of dinosaurs in Jurassic World at Lone Peak Cinema or on the IMAX in West Yellowstone. Nothing beats a rainy day like the movies, but I enjoy the drive to West Yellowstone to check out Hollywood blockbusters, new to the regional IMAX, or to see a movie like Titans of the Ice Age, about great wooly mammoths. The field-trip type science experiences in and around Big Sky, Montana, cannot be taken advantage of enough. Last year I had the chance to catch Yellowstone Wolves and Alaska. Neither would I have seen if I did not live so close to such amazing facilities or in a community that values using technology to express nature.

From time to time when I do drive down to West Yellowstone I stop at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center to see the northern saw-whet owl Acadia, who is blind in one eye after being hit by a car, but is easily the cutest owl I've ever seen.

Rainy days in Montana are a normal part of spring and early summer, but they are easily enjoyed with the right plan and right attitude. The clouds are breaking up as I write this, yet now all I want to do is hold an owl named Acadia.

Northern saw-whet owl Acadia at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. 

Trex at the Museum of the Rockies. 

Video: Summer Fun at Big Sky Resort

Written by Anna Husted and Chris Kamman on at

As May comes to a close, we here in Big Sky anticipate the opening of Big Sky Resort's summer season in June. June brings more sunshine and flowers as well as hiking, camping, ziplining, and every outdoor activity the resort has to offer. Not to mention the wildlife around Big Sky and in Yellowstone National Park. I cannot wait to once again visit the park and see some of my favorite geysers such as Baby Daisy or Fan and Mortar, and hopefully catch a glimpse of a wolf or bear. I cannot take for granted the unique ecosystem of Yellowstone when it is so close to my home town as I have done in past summers.

It's time to get excited for summer and embrace all the fun Big Sky has to offer.

Video: Chris Kamman

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