Spoiler Alert: Big Sky Golf Course, Amazing

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I'm spoiled, best to embrace it than deny it. I moved to Big Sky May 2013 and immediately secured a condo off the 18th tee box of Big Sky Resort's Golf Course. Not only do I have the Biggest Skiing in America in my backyard, 7 miles to be exact, but an amazing public golf course right off my deck. Oh, I've played my share of business trip golf scrambles and about 2 years ago, I decided it was time to play my own ball for 18 holes.

The Big Sky Resort Golf Course is an Arnold Palmer designed, 18 hole, 72 par, course winding along the banks of the West Fork of the scenic Gallatin River. Yes, the same Gallatin River the movie, A River Runs Through It was filmed starring Brad Pitt and directed by Robert Redford (swoon). The spectacular views of Lone Peak and the rest of the Madison Range surround this golf course. It's hard to imagine back in the early 1900s cattle grazed where I'm about to tee off at 6,300 feet above sea level. Honestly, I can't help but think my driving game has improved; the ball just flies farther at elevation.

The first tee is right outside the Pro Shop and Bunker Bar and Grill and by the time you've sunk your putt on the first green, the Mountain-Meadow style course becomes a wildlife refuge. Golf is a game of patience and here it is also patience with the animals. By the second hole we kindly wait for a flock of Canadian Geese to move along the river's edge. Fowl and water hazards have to be taken into consideration on this hole.

As we play on, I have to remind my companions to watch my drive, as I'm trying to keep my head down and they are gazing at Lone Peak in their own daydreams. The PGA Head Professional for the golf course, Mark Wehrman, told me I needed keep my head down during my previous week's Ladies Tuesday Night golf clinic (which are an affordable, fun way to improve your game and meet other women who enjoy the sport, after all, it is Man-tana).

The long Montana days allow me to golf into the 9 o'clock hour coming back around to the Bunker to sit on the deck, surrounded by mountains, the sun just starting to go down, and finish off a perfect day with the best burger in town and an ice cold beer (it's worth passing by my condo). Did I mention I'm spoiled?

For the full story on Big Sky Resort's Golf Course make sure to check out volume 7 of Live Big Magazine this summer.

Big Sky Resort's Arnold Palmer designed Golf Course opens May 23. Also, check the Events Calendar for information on Women's, Men's, and Saturday Golf Clinics as well as tournaments all summer long.

Golf Course
Springtime at Big Sky Resort's Golf Course. 

Ladies Golf Clinic on Tuesdays at 10am and 5:30pm. 

Big Sky's Happily Ever After

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Planning a destination wedding? Look no further than Big Sky, Montana. With world-class lodging, dining, and skiing, Big Sky Resort is the perfect place for your big day. Here are the top reasons to marry that special someone in the mountains of Big Sky.
1. Montana's big sky. Whether indoors or out, the Montana sky opens up and embraces you like the arms of the one you love.
2. Nature's Romance. See the wild flowers in full bloom, spot a moose, mountain goat, or elk, and get married in front of iconic Lone Peak. Not only does nature create for amazing wedding photos, but it will take your breath away. 
3. The Wild West. The bell of the ball meets the Wild West without giving up elegance, luxury, or ease of access. Some couples marry in a hot air balloon; others take the bungee plunge after saying "I do." If these feats of strength and adrenaline are up your alley, Big Sky Resort is the place for your extreme wedding. Ski to the ceremony location, take the tram to 11,166 feet, whitewater raft the Gallatin River, or zipline through the trees post-nuptial.
4. Anniversary Destination Trips. One of the best parts of having a destination wedding is the return anniversary trip.   
5. Guest Experience. Big Sky Resort offers one-of-a-kind experiences for your guests from multiple ziplines to a plethora of restaurants to choose from. All within walking distance of the Mountain Village.
6. Food. From the ultimate fondue experience to the Huckleberry Bison Short Ribs, prepare your palate for delicious delicacies right here at Big Sky Resort.
7. Moonlight Lodge Penthouse. Big Sky Resort offers hundreds of room types, but the Moonlight Lodge Penthouse is as unique and beautiful as the mountains surrounding it. With slopeside access for the winter wedding or private balconies perfect for dining in the summer, the Moonlight Lodge offers a private entrance and hot tub, yet easy access to the Spa, Mercantile, Jack Creek Grille, and much more.

Moonlight Lodge
Moonlight Lodge Penthouse. 

Wedding on Peak

Split Ends and Shredding

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Getting ready for the next day's adventures starts today ... at the Solace Spa and Salon. Upon my second visit to Big Sky Resort's Spa, this time to get those unruly bangs out of my eyes, I noticed two great things: 1) Going to the spa is relaxing and refreshing no matter where you schedule it in your day and 2) I've never had a hair stylist who I can ask about split ends, and about shredding the Big Couloir.

Having just come from work, a scalp rub, shampoo and trim was as relaxing as a massage might have been. Don't underestimate the power of just letting someone else do your hair. I also find a good facial just before a haircut relaxing. Opening up the pores after a long day exposed to the sun or sitting in an office makes me feel cleaner. The atmosphere at the Solace Salon is vastly different from what you'll find at a salon in New York or LA. Not to say that blasting Madonna, celebrity gossip and waiting hours for your appointment aren't what we've grown to love and expect from salons, but at Solace Salon the quieter, folksy guitar tunes, powder stash gossip, and on-time appointments make for a pleasant trip to the hair stylist and ensure that I'll be going back.

After the stunning hair cut from Sarah, I ventured into the chilly fall temperatures for an evening outside. Normally I would make sure to schedule a haircut before a night out or schedule spa day after a day of activities, it turns out a trip to the spa does wonders no matter where you put it in your day.
Get ready to look amazing this winter season at Big Sky Resort.


What is an ultramarathon and why would you run one?

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ESPN defines an ultramarathon as any running race longer than the traditional marathon (26.2 miles). Ultramarathoners experience black toenails, twitchy legs, runny noses, headaches, side-stitches, sleep deprivation, and Crepitus (cracking knees). Ultramarathoners also may suffer from missing loved ones and the desire to keep pushing oneself. So why do they do it?

Marshal Ulrich, an ultra-marathon runner known for having pulled out his toenails so he could perform at a higher level, has also asked himself that question. His answer is complex enough to fill an entire book (Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner's Story of Love, Loss and a Record Setting Run Across America), but the short answer is: "survivor's guilt and a need to punish myself, to prove myself, to face down my own mortality, to defy death. But my running is also a reflection of my upbringing, a work ethic, a personal challenge." This is passion at its best. A passion many of us up here at Big Sky Resort find in snow. Just as we ask why runners pursue marathons or ultramarathons, so we should ask ourselves why we pursue the waist-deep cold fluffy snow. Passion.

So whether you're a huge fan of Forest Gump and want to see that kind of running in person, or just want to experience the views and terrain the runner's will experience, get out there and cheer on our fellow passion-pursuers on Saturday in The Rut-the first ultramarathon to be held at Big Sky Resort. Spectator tickets that take you to the top of the peak are $55+tax (more than $20 less than the Lone Peak Expedition-the only other way to get to the top in the summer). Pick them up at Basecamp or online.

Go Rut Runners!


The Rut

From Pescado Frito to Fish and Chips to Roughy & Taro

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Pacific Roughy and Taro

I was told that I had to try the Fish and Chips at the Carabiner Lounge. I was told that this plate de frite was the best of the best. Who could resist this challenge?

So off I went with my colleague Chris for this must have nosh. It was a fantastic summer day with wide open blue Montana skies so we opted to sit on the terrace of the Carabiner. The terrace provided direct views of Lone Mountain set just away from the hustle and bustle of the Mountain Village Plaza. The bistro style menu had many offerings that piqued my palate including Honey Salmon Salad ($15), BBQ Tofu Sandwich ($11), Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich ($14), and a soup du jour that was a cold cream of cucumber, but for me, today, it was Fish and Chips, Big Sky style.

Did you know that Fish and Chips were first introduced to Britain by refugees from Portugal and Spain (where it was called Pescado Frito)? This scrumptious dish then became popular in London and South East England the middle of the 19th century. After that the Fish and Chips plate continued its pilgrimage across the globe. This popular plate is traditionally a cod or haddock fish. At the Carabiner, the fish is a crispy gluten free tempura battered Pacific Roughy, and the chips are a lightly fried Taro served with a Yuzu remoulade. The light crust was crunchy and smooth, while at the same time the Pacific Roughy was flaky and meaty. Taro is a tropic tuber native to Southeast Asia, when fried as a chip it looks like a banana. The Taro chips were lightly salted and surprisingly crunchy. Yuzu is a citrus fruit from East Asia (picture a very small grapefruit). The creamy Yuzu remoulade was tangy and smooth and fashioned a medley of flavor and sensation that rounded the plate out perfectly.

After all that, I am telling you this: You have to go to the Carabiner Lounge and try the Fish and Chips. They are the best of the best with an Asian twist.


Carabiner Terrace

Fish and Chips

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