The Way I Ski It: Opening Week

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Week one at Big Sky Resort has been a solid week of awesome skiing. Just prior to opening week I heard my first avalanche bomb of the season go off (thanks to our awesome Ski Patrol) while sitting in my Huntley Lodge office. It's like the racer's starting gun signaling the start of a great season.

After Opening Day almost twice as many runs at Big Sky Resort opened up, which gave me the chance to do a few Lobo, Calamity Jane, Crazy Horse, and Tippy's Tumble laps on my lunch break. I used to be frustrated by the amount of time it took to change into ski gear and carry my skis and poles to the lift just to turn around in an hour and get back to work. My sentiment has changed drastically after a winter season like 2013-14: We are meant to be skiing and I'm lucky enough to have a job where I can do that every day of the season. It also doesn't hurt that I have my quick change into ski gear down.

With one week of skiing under my belt I look forward to watching the snow accumulate, Challenger Lift opening, Uncle Dan's Cookies at the Tram, and taking my first Liberty Bowl leg-burner of the season.

The feeling of waking up to fresh snow on the ground and hearing bombs from my house in Town Center is how the first week back on skis feels. We may only be skiing Mr. K and Calamity Jane for the first few days, but that feeling never gets old.


peak from ramcharger

Big Couloir Monoski Descent

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Jamey Stogsdill has shredded Big Sky Resort and numerous Montana mountains since she was young. When she had an accident a few years ago she knew she wanted to keep shredding those mountains. About a week ago Jamey broke the boundary and became the first female monoskier (and third ever monoskier) to shred the Big Couloir. As someone who has yet to ski the Big, I find each person who goes over that edge to be inspiring, but Jamey's story breaks that inspiration into something more. I tear up every time I watch this video. Not at the part where Jamey talks about her accident, but at the part when she gets to the bottom of the Big. The joy she expresses in that moment is true insight into life.

Cinematography and Edited by Chris Kamman

Powder conditions continue at Big Sky Resort

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The skiing and snowboarding at Big Sky Resort has been fantastic this year (I can attest to the skiing, the snowboarding is hearsay). With nearly a 100" base on the upper mountain, conditions are solid and powder can be found off of every lift. Mother Nature and Father Sky continually look kindly on Big Sky Resort as we have received snow 24 of the last 27 days, yet the sun has also shined through providing plenty of goggle tans.

Last Saturday, I skied off of Moonlight area lifts all day. As someone who grew up going to Big Sky Resort from the early 90s until today, I have been fortunate to explore the Moonlight side of Lone Peak this year. The first few runs of the day I stuck close to Moonlight Lodge (ensuring to get some of those Parmesan Garlic Fries on my ride break), mostly skiing in the trees through Upper Bearcat Gully, Hollywood or Snake Bite to Lower Bearcat Gully, Iron Maiden, and Dogwood. One word describes these runs, especially on a powder day: Contagious. Skiing in the gully near Iron Horse Lift is a unique experience few mountains provide. Sweet snowy turns through the trees give me an infectious delight. Although these runs are not as long as so many others up here off Lone Peak, they're worth exploring.

After my fries at Moonlight Lodge I ventured over to Lone Tree Lift to huck some cliffs. Kidding! But I did take a few hops off of small rocks on Lone Tree and enjoyed the subtle black diamond Grizzly Meadows.

The days I spend skiing pass by in a blur. How very lucky we all are to be able to welcome and enjoy all the fresh snow we received at Big Sky Resort, about 90" this past February. March is just getting started and I'm looking forward to yet another month of making the best of a great snowy situation.

Ryan Turner Photography
Photo by Ryan Turner Photography 

Moonlight Lodge
Inside Moonlight Lodge

A Very Big Sky Mother's Day

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Perfect spring weather was welcomed with open arms this past weekend and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time: Mother’s Day. Even though I was well over 1,000 miles from home, I felt the need to take advantage of the warm sunshine after a long phone call Sunday morning wishing my Mom a great day.

With highs in the mid to upper 70s over the weekend, Mother’s Day brought spring with summer closely in tow. Around the area families were out in full force enjoying the sunshine, dry trails and green grass. Even my friend’s Brit and Kelsey (a new mother as of Saturday) were out with their newest addition (puppy) Gus: an adorable 7 week old Brittany Spaniel.

Not about to let a great day pass us by, my friends and I spent Mother’s Day at Big Sky’s community park. We made a day of it using the multi-purpose field to its fullest extent. Tossing around the frisbee, softball and football, we bided our time between sports stretching out and lounging under the blue skies above.

We even found time to session the new bouldering wall (a large concrete boulder) next to the basketball court and new skatepark. Running low on chalk and stamina after a long day, the wall eventually got the best of my hands with a few blisters to prove it. But with multiple faces, pitches and holds, it’s a splendid addition to Big Sky’s already fabulous community park complex. My friends and I will be back.

Making our mom’s proud; we soaked up the warm weather and good company. Exactly how they would have liked.

-Kipp Proctor

Skatepark Panorama Finished3

Gus 5-12-13
Gus had quite the weekend!


Sunshine and Bluebird Skies: A Telling Sign of Golf Rounds to Come

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The beautiful spring weather of recent is a telling sign of summer golf rounds to come and a wait that is almost over.

With the course scheduled to open this Friday May 24th, it’s time to bust out the clubs, give them a good cleaning, and brush up on your swing. But if you’re feeling a little rusty, look no further than Big Sky Resort’s PGA Golf Professional, Mark Wehrman. Coming into his 2nd year with Big Sky, Mark is eager to get things underway and with his expert instruction, he’ll get your swing back on plane.

Don’t go worrying if you’re just visiting though, Mark has got you covered. With a brand new line up of Nike rental clubs you’ll be stroking the ball just like Tiger in the Players Championship (or at least we hope so).

But since the snow has melted, we locals have been left drooling as we hanker for an opportunity to tee off on the plush green carpet that offers one of the most beautiful backdrops in golf: Lone Mountain and the surrounding Spanish Peaks. If the scenic views from the course aren’t enough, the extra carry you receive off the tee at 6,500 ft. will surely have you strutting up to your second shot. But be sure to keep that in mind when stepping up to the ball, I’d hate for you to sail one over the green.

With sunshine and blue bird skies in the forecast, it looks like we’re in store for another phenomenal start to golf season up here in gorgeous Big Sky.

-Kipp Proctor

Womens golf clinic

View from the putting green looking down the 1st tee

Aerial view of the back 9

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