Video: Early Season Laps

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Good things come to those who wait. We've been waiting for winter since summer ended and are so glad she's here. Early morning corduroy, skiing with friends, trying new tricks, and enjoying the outdoors are just the tip of the why-we-ski iceberg. I had the chance to tag along for a portion of the filming for this video and we had as much fun as it looks.

Skier: Corey Seemann Video: Michael Jezak

Event: 8th Annual Turkey for a Ticket

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Turkey for a Ticket came about through the leadership team at Moonlight Basin in 2007. They wanted December to be a month of giving, and were aiming to build the day into a clothing and food drive, but were so successful at the food part it stuck. Since the first Turkey for a Ticket the fundraiser has collected 188,788 pounds of food for the Gallatin Valley, Madison Valley, and Big Sky Food Banks.

Last year I had the opportunity to help out with Turkey for a Ticket. After lots of smiling, collecting pounds and pounds of food, and handing out free skiing, I had time to reflect on how amazing this food drive is.

Not only does it feel good to give to our neighbors, but Turkey for a Ticket is such a fun way to do it. Over the years I've participated in clothing drives, food drives, and toy drives during the Holidays, but never have I seen this much collection in one day in one place. I'm proud to be a part of a company that stocks the food banks, and proud to help out with another year of Turkey for a Ticket.

Join us tomorrow for the 8th annual Turkey for a Ticket at the Madison Base Area at Big Sky Resort.

Turkey for a Ticket 2013 at Madison Base Area. Look at those beautiful birds. 


The Way I Ski It: Opening Week

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Week one at Big Sky Resort has been a solid week of awesome skiing. Just prior to opening week I heard my first avalanche bomb of the season go off (thanks to our awesome Ski Patrol) while sitting in my Huntley Lodge office. It's like the racer's starting gun signaling the start of a great season.

After Opening Day almost twice as many runs at Big Sky Resort opened up, which gave me the chance to do a few Lobo, Calamity Jane, Crazy Horse, and Tippy's Tumble laps on my lunch break. I used to be frustrated by the amount of time it took to change into ski gear and carry my skis and poles to the lift just to turn around in an hour and get back to work. My sentiment has changed drastically after a winter season like 2013-14: We are meant to be skiing and I'm lucky enough to have a job where I can do that every day of the season. It also doesn't hurt that I have my quick change into ski gear down.

With one week of skiing under my belt I look forward to watching the snow accumulate, Challenger Lift opening, Uncle Dan's Cookies at the Tram, and taking my first Liberty Bowl leg-burner of the season.

The feeling of waking up to fresh snow on the ground and hearing bombs from my house in Town Center is how the first week back on skis feels. We may only be skiing Mr. K and Calamity Jane for the first few days, but that feeling never gets old.


peak from ramcharger

All I Want for Christmas is...

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Now that we're skiing again and Thanksgiving is over, it's time to create that Christmas Wish List. From new skis to a Big Sky Resort pint glass my list encompasses a decent variety of interests with skiing at the top. In inconsequential order here's a glimpse into all I want for Christmas:

Snow. It's hard to buy this, but it's really all I want.

Rossignol Temptation 100 Open 174s. 

Big Sky Resort pint glass. Lone Peak Logo in the Mountain Mall is full of affordable yet classic gift ideas.

Aspen Extreme and other ski movies. My fictional ski movie collection begins and ends at Dumb and Dumber. I'm looking to expand that weird and bizarre niche of the film industry, but also welcome the most recent Matchstick Productions' production.

Sorel Boots. Spending more than half the year in a wintery mix of sorts good boots are a must. I tend to wear out the inside of my boots before the outside goes, which means Sorel Boots make my Christmas List about every other year.

Long Johns. Even though I grew up in the windy winters of Great Falls, Montana, it's time for some new long Johns for those blustery days on the slopes and chilly nights by the fire. My favorite: Hot Chillys. (Also sold at Big Sky Sports!)

American Flag. I want to be able to portray that patriotism on those special American holidays by hoisting a flag in front of my home.



Q&A with Web Marketing Coordinator Michael Stenberg

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Big Sky Resort's Andriod and iPhone app has brand new updates and features for the 2014-2015 Winter Season. Check out what Big Sky Resort Web Marketing Coordinator Michael Stenberg has to say about the updates: 

What can you tell me about the Big Sky Resort app?
The Big Sky Resort app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is the place to go for information in and around the resort. The Big Sky Resort app has gone through a few different variations over the years. This year's update is a rather large update, and I'm excited for everyone to get their hands on it.

What were some of these new changes?
For one, the app is basically being redone from the ground up with a redesign to match the look and feel of most modern apps. This year I'm excited to finally see some more frequently requested features being added to the app, including ski tracking, restaurants, activities, and better consistency across our snow and weather reports.

What are your favorite features of the app?
I'm really excited to see the legitimate return of the My Stats feature, which will now be called Ski+. With this, challenges can be completed to earn bragging rights with your friends on the slopes. See who went the fastest, the farthest, who made the most laps, etc. You'll even be able to see previous history and if you've beaten your personal best. It'll be a great way to challenge yourself and others to really explore as much of the Biggest Skiing in America as possible.

What about what we all love most - snow?
The app also pulls information from various sources and spots around the mountain, including information like snowfall and temperature from on-mountain weather station sites; lift and trail status updated by snow safety dispatch; weather and forecast information from NOAA; and the most recent update from our snowreporters. All this is to ensure that all information is as up-to-date as possible. This is automated as much as possible to keep our snow and weather information consistent across the website, app, interactive trail map, and snow report.

Admittedly, I'm a bit of an amateur with the app, where is a great place for beginner app users to start?
I'd encourage everyone to download the current app from their app stores (App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android) or by simply going to This way, you'll be notified when the update is released. From there, I'd simply explore the app with its updated navigation and ease of use to explore all you can do with it - view the webcams, see the latest snow and weather report, check the status of your favorite lifts and runs, make reservations in one of our restaurants, check when an activity is offered, view videos, and much more.

-Anna and Michael


app 2

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