Video: Big Sky Lady Shred

Written by Anna Husted and Michael Jezak on at

I had the opportunity to ski with a group of amazing women during the 2nd annual Big Sky Lady Shred on December 22. SheJumps, a not for profit organization that gets girls into outdoor sports, puts on "Get the Girls Out" days at ski resorts across the nation. This was our day. I skied and après-skied with friends I see every day and with new friends. Even though Big Sky Lady Shred happens but once a year, it's a fantastic day to meet other amazing women in my community and to just enjoy time outside with the girls. Here's a quick video edit of the powder day we had. See if you can spot me in the tutu and gorilla helmet.

Video: Michael Jezak

Video: Keeping the winter vibe alive

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Big Sky Resort ambassador Dan Greene makes skiing look easy. Greene and Big Sky Resort Broadcast Media Manager Michael Jezak took a few days this December to ski the peak, grab some face shots, and film this video. It's short and sweet just like the lift lines and ski lines respectively here at Big Sky Resort, and it captures the coldsmoke powder we've been experiencing this December. With more than 25" in the past week, and 26" the week and a half before that it's time to shred into the New Year keeping the winter vibe alive.

Featuring: Dan Greene and Nick Malik; Video: Michael Jezak

'Twas the Night before Christmas at Big Sky Resort

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Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the hills
Many creatures were stirring, but mostly skiers with skills.
The gear was hung by the chimney with care,
Hoping more snow would come with more prayer.

The children were shredding all snug on Lone Peak
With visions of powder on Rock and Jack Creek.
Adults felt the same, "powder stashes for days"
They hooted and hollered, wishing away sun's rays.

When out on the mountain there arose such a clatter,
We sprang from Key Hole to see what was the matter.
It was a noise like a moose call, we all were compelled,
"Coming from Liberty Bowl" someone yelled.

Away to the Tram we flew like a flash,
Tore open the doors and raced to the stash.
What a beautiful day to ski from the top,
But what was that sound that made us all stop?

Around the Tram dock we carried our skis,
When something red and shiny appeared through the breeze.
Santa was real, and there he was with Patrol,
To deliver presents and get first tracks on Liberty Bowl.

When Tram laps were had, and Uncle Dan's cookies were eaten,
Santa sprang to his sleigh with a look like he couldn't be beaten.
"Off to spread gifts and tidings of good cheer," Santa said,
"I left gifts in Freestyle Forest, but nothing beats a good shred."

Santa Freestyle
Photo: Adam West

December's #bigskyresort Instagram Winning Photos

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Each week we pick one amazing photo as our weekly winner. All that has to be done to enter is #bigskyresort on Instagram. December's winning photos displayed the wonder of Lone Peak in the sunrise, star light, and snow, and the wonder of living in Big Sky.

Photo: @kristabellahov

12.1 winner
Photo: @the4winds

12.8 winner
Photo: @ryandaythompson

12.19 winner
Photo: @howitzer_robin

Q&A with Terrain Park Manager Adam West

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New terrain park manager Adam West likes blunt 3's, tube jibs, and working in the shadow of Lone Peak. Check out the full Q&A for more info on Big Sky Resort Terrain Parks. Then like Big Sky Resort Terrain Parks on Facebook and follow @ridebigskyresort on Instagram.

Where'd you come from?
Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. And I worked at Hidden Valley. They're in the southwest of Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. Every year I thought about moving West so I kept looking for the right opportunity. Big Sky certainly gave me that.

What did you do at Seven Springs?
Running terrain parks. Terrain parks are all the draw back East. You could say it's because they are not in the shadow of Lone Peak.

How long have you been working on terrain parks?
This is my eighth season.

What do you like about terrain parks out West?
I like that they are all spread out even though that makes work a little harder. They are all over the mountain, which is good because if you're cruising down Headwaters you can still go down to Zero Gravity. Or if it's too windy and a lift is on hold you have Swifty 2.0 at the base area. And I enjoy not pushing ice around that is for sure.

Tell us about changes that will be made in the resort's seven terrain parks this year.
Freestyle Forrest has been revamped top to bottom. We have a new wall ride; new launch ramp, which is like a North Shore bike ramp; dirt work on the jumps; and all the logs have seen an upgrade on their sliding surface.

What did you like about Big Sky Resort when you first started?
We have a tremendous rail fleet. They've done a good job over the years of building up the larger features and now I'll take a focus on the smaller ones.

What is the hardest feature to build?
A well-built jump. You have to take into account the pitch of the parent slope and the amount of snow you have. Sometimes you have to be realistic about what can be built over what you want to build. And that's really pertinent to this year. The biggest change to the parks this year without making promises of jumps would be adding a focus on flow throughout the terrain parks: How features ride together instead of how large or gnarly individual features are, but how they fit together in the whole picture.

What kind of education have you gone through to become a terrain park manager?
It's mostly all experiential. I had an opportunity to go to Cutter's Camp at Mt. Hood in 2013, and that showed me the risk management side of the game.

Did you do well in physics?
I did not do well in physics, no. I do well in applied physics. *laughs

In an ideal world, what would you want to build at Big Sky Resort?
A consistent, medium-size jump line: A Three Pack with rails leading into it. Classic Slopestyle.

The first terrain park ever was at Bear Valley Ski Area about 25 years ago, which was not that long ago. They built it just to get snowboarders away from skiers so it was a snowboard park.
When I was young I was fighting those ways. I remember these little mountains in Pennsylvania and I was trying to go into the snowboard park as a skier and kept getting kicked out. But by the time I started working parks we'd moved past that "skiers suck" mentality.

What is your favorite trick?
I love blunt 3's. And we need a jump to do it.

What is your favorite rail?
Any tube jib. Lift tubes, down-flat-down tubes. We have a lot of tubes.

What events are you most looking forward to this winter?
I can't wait for Snobar.

What made you choose Big Sky Resort?
The opportunity. It's a big shot for me to come out West and bring my image of terrain parks that Iv'e grown up with on the east coast to a bigger canvas.

Cat driving
Adam West building Swifty 2.0.

Peak and Swifty 2.0
Photo: Adam West

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