How to layer nachos effectively: Whiskey Jack's Style

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It seems so logical, anyone could come up with it, yet I've only seen this done at Whiskey Jack's. What am I talking about? Layering nachos effectively. Specifically, Whiskey Jack's starts the process with a base layer of refried beans, which keeps the chips from sliding around on the plate.

Next, place the first chip layer down evenly with cheese on top of that. Whiskey Jack's does not shy away from throwing some meat on at this stage. I suggest going with a bison/chicken combo. Then comes another layer of chips and cheese with more meat, beans, tomatoes, olives, and jalapeños. Finally an additional layer of chips and cheese make the third to fourth layer with all the fixing's mentioned previously,. Top it off with sour cream and salsa for effective flavor explosion.

Don't miss out on some of the best nachos around. I've been eating these nachos for après since I was 14 years old and never looked back. I would suggest the same for anyone.


Food Review: MT Smokehouse

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My lunches on Lone Mountain usually consists of pizza, salad or chicken strips from the Lone Peak Café, a delicious and fast option that I've just gotten used to. However, this week I wanted something different, but that was still a quick meal. Look no further than the MT Smokehouse right in the middle of the base area.

I went with three friends from work, Michel, Michael, and Lyndsey. As much as we all get along in so many ways, our tastes in food couldn't be more different, which was perfect because the Smokehouse has a variety of BBQ and non-BBQ options.

I ordered the Wagyu Beef burger with Swiss and a hint of BBQ sauce. The best part about ordering anything from the Smokehouse is that all the beef comes straight from Montana. In fact, the Montana Wagyu Cattle Company, less than an hour drive from Big Sky, instills pride in its beef's diverse flavor profile that is dry-aged for 10 days in a cooler. Although ordering a burger at a BBQ shack is often frowned upon by the BBQ elite, it was delicious and exactly what I wanted. That said, my friends had a word or two to say about their brisket and pulled pork orders:

"I tried the BBQ Chopped Beef with the Root Beer BBQ ‘Down Home Sauce.' It was cooked to perfection with the usual toppings: sliced onions and a few sweet pickles. The mixture of flavors blended into something incredible, something that can only be fully explained and understood when you try one yourself."-Michael S.

"Thick slabs of brisket topped with pickles, onion, and tangy Carolina BBQ sauce on toast-a BBQ classic done right at the MT Smokehouse."-Michel T.

"A generous stack of tender and flavorful pulled pork tossed with the Carolina BBQ sauce was quite satisfying. The sauce was just the right amount of tang and spice with not too much sweet. I will be back and look forward to trying the Montana Huckleberry BBQ sauce. The price was right too hitting under $10 for a big portion." -Lyndsey O.

The shortest distance from the lifts with access to all amenities while not waiting too long, the MT Smokehouse is a great lunch spot with a plethora of delicious sandwich, chips, and drink options.

Photo: Michel Tallichet

Time Lapse: Snobar build

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A long-standing event tradition at Big Sky Resort, Snobar comes back to the Mountain Village Base Area January 17 & 24. Featuring DJ 5 STAR and a few new glowing items (glowing beach balls anyone?) plus new bar features this year's Snobar sits right next to Swifty 2.0 and will be glowing Saturday night. Snobar takes a snow cat, a chainsaw, four nights, and a good attitude to create. A big thanks to the crew that makes it happen. We're building a bit of excitement with the following video time lapse of Wednesday night's build.

Video: January 1 & 3, 2015

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Love of snow, love of powder, love of skiing, and love of people are the reasons I live and love living in Big Sky, Montana. Locking in Lone Mountain ski days like January 1, 2015, also doesn't hurt the grand experience of skiing Big Sky Resort. Only so many senses of flying through coldsmoke snow can be experienced by watching this video from New Year's Day or understood through blogs. Don't just take this video's declaration of it or my word for it, go out there and feel some of that fresh soft powder.

Video: Michael Jezak

The Way I Ski It: End of Year Powder Turns

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A day after Big Sky Resort's Christmas week storm I headed out for a bluebird powder day (something that is not hard to come by in Big Sky).

To date I had been skiing Lone Peak and a little Andesite Mountain. This particular day I headed over to Spirit Mountain where I had only skied once before. I knew the trees could be the perfect pitch and figured, like much of the mountain, there would be plenty of powder stashes among the evergreens.

My coworkers Michel and Michael joined me, first for a run on Lizette and then for a Sacajawea Triple Chair ride up Spirit Mountain. We did our first Spirit lap on The Judge, which had nice rollers for cruising momentum through the trees, and the other on Spry Guy, a fast blue that shot us back over to Southern Comfort. The Judge gave us exactly what we predicted: Powder turns. Did I mention it was a bluebird day?

Even though I don't want to spoil my secret tree skiing stashes, Spirit Mountain trees might just be the new best kept secret. After some quick turns down Blackfoot Michael and I jumped on Swift Current for one last run. On the ride up we settled on Rice Bowl, which neither of us had done yet this season, and after the first few turns Michael momentarily lost a pole in the wonderfully deep powder. Fortunately it only took him a few minutes to find it. All I could say was: If you have to lose a pole it's best when it happens because it got stuck so deep in the snow.

With snow continually in the forecast I can't wait to see what 2015 will bring on the slopes. All I know is I'll keep turning them downhill.

snowy tree
Photo: Michelle Frederick

spirit trees
Photo: Anna Husted

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