OMG, Animal Capshunz Big Sky Style

Written by Greer Schott on  at

When I told my sister last December that I I'd never heard of I Can Has Cheezburger, she was shocked and appalled. Apparently, I was the last person on the face of the planet not obsessed with Lolcats, and she had me visit the blog feed immediately.

At first it seemed inane. But now I find myself chuckling over ridiculous captions of silly cat pictures on a regular basis. Apparently, cute animal + bad spelling = obsession.

And then I discovered Animal Capshunz, I Can Has Cheezburger's sister blog that extends beyond the world of silly cat pictures into silly pictures of animals in general. My favorites are the LOLs of animals I can see in my own backyard, and in Montana that means moose, bears, and elk.

So in honor of the animals emerging all around Big Sky as summer approaches, here are some of my favorite Big Sky style Animal Capshunz, as well as some relevant LOLs of my own:

Stop Running, I love you.

Last known picture of Mr. Lundgren...

Cheezburger with Hay

I'm Blind!

Patient Bear.

Take that, imposter!

Tastes like chicken...

I love face shotz

What's really in Moose Tracks...

- Greer