Birthdays, Big Sky Style

Written by Anna Husted on  at

I love birthdays. So much so I try to celebrate "week o’ birthday" every year and try to get anyone and everyone to celebrate the entire week of their birthday too.

Few places come to mind to spend a summer birthday: Paris, New York City, skiing in New Zealand, and Big Sky. Between the delicious food, pampered pedicure, day at the pool, and a bonfire under a full moon, Big Sky is tough to beat. I can choose between fly-fishing (seeking that 12 pound cutthroat) or being a lady of leisure (seeking a deep tissue massage), but let’s be honest, I chose both because I have the whole week to celebrate.

Frozen drinks at The Bunker

The Foodie Birthday:

I started the day at Chet’s. Ordered the Biscuits and Gravy (it comes with the best elk sausage gravy I’ve ever had) and fresh fruit. Take your time in Chet’s and maybe even eat breakfast at the historic Chet Huntley Bar instead of in the dining room. Before the 6-mile ride down to Meadow Village for lunch, I grabbed a Dirty Chai at Mountain Mocha. Hot or iced, the chai with 2 shots of espresso is tough to beat. Upon arriving at the Meadow, I decide to lunch at The Bunker. It may be a non-country club golf course restaurant, but with a chance to see a moose down in the marshy rough, it’s unlike any golf course restaurant I’ve ever dined at. It was a tough decision between the Hole-In-One-Burger and Grilled Turkey Melt on Pretzel Bread, but that pretzel bread wins out in the end. Add a perfect frozen beverage on the side, and a bit of sunscreen, and it’s the perfect luncheon.

The summer days are long at Big Sky, which makes it perfect to hop from one deck to another. The Bunker truly has the best deck in town, but Carabiner is a close second with cozy couches and a fire to dine by out on their patio. For dinner I chose The Wagyu Noodle Bowl. It makes me sweat at first as the sun still shines over Lone Peak, but just as it sets I realize the spicy beef was the right choice, making a delicious birthday dinner (especially when paired with the Creta Roble ‘Tempranillo’). As the sun went down on that cake and Wilcoxsin’s ice cream, I headed to Whiskey Jack’s for a margarita and live music.

I tend to eat what I want during week o’ birthday, but only because I try to balance the caloric intake with a little bit of adventure (exercise hidden within of course).


The Adventurous Birthday:

Even though it was my birthday, I woke up early to see the sunrise and catch some fish. Being so close to the Gallatin River has its perks, and fly-fishing is number one. As an amateur fly-fisherwoman I take my fishing like I take my martinis, dry. Kidding, I don’t drink martinis, but I do love a dry fly and prefer to not get in the water. This makes for a little less successful fishing, but a little more fun as far as I’m concerned. A few bites and one catch later I head back to Big Sky Resort for ziplining. The New Adventure Zip certainly has its perks, but the Nature Zip is where it’s at. A nice short hike, 3 fast zips, and beautiful views make my week o’ birthday wonderful. To cap off a day or two of adventures I wanted to take in sunset views of Lone Peak. As much as I love going to the top of the peak, viewing it from Andesite can’t be beat.


The Pampered Birthday:

Birthdays come with pedicures, right? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Parks and Recreation (something we definitely know about in Big Sky) it’s to “Treat Yourself!” And that’s just what I did during week o’ birthday. Aiming for the message, I only got as far as the pedicure chair at the Solace Spa & Salon. The best treatment for hiking all summer long is a pedicure with a soak and foot massage (sorry to the good people at Solace for my feet). After a 60-minute pedicure, I felt relief. To continue in the theme of relaxation I spent the rest of the day reading fashion magazines poolside.

Birthdays may come around merely once a year, but thanks to the generosity of friends and family and variety of fun at Big Sky, it’s bound to be another fantastic week next year.