76,424-lbs donated for 2013 Turkey for a Ticket

Written by Anna Husted on  at

Seeing Turkey for a Ticket succeed beyond any one person's expectations makes me proud. As with any big event or fundraiser, there were some bumps along the tryptophan-paved road, but in the end, the Gallatin County Food Bank, Madison County Food Bank, and Big Sky Food Bank took home 76,424-lbs (a record one-time food drive for all 3 food banks) of food for nearly 14,000 people in Gallatin and Madison counties who live in poverty. Living in poverty means a family of four has a yearly income of $20,000 or less. Since the early 1990s, Montana has had a higher average of citizens living in poverty than the United States' average, and Madison and Gallatin Counties have historically had a higher average than the Montana average. Turkey for a Ticket made so many aware of that need just by seeing trucks full of turkeys and canned food. By bringing in just one turkey, so much help was given to our neighbors. A huge thanks goes out to all who donated their time and money to help their neighbors this winter and help the larger Big Sky community by coming together for the greater good. 

*Facts based on the U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau data. Gallatin County information can be found here. Madison County information can be found here.

Turkey for a Ticket