A Happy Holidays Ski Run Playlist

Written by Cody Chesneau on  at

Big Sky Resort wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Skiing on the Holidays is a tradition here. Singing down the slopes spreading Christmas Cheer is what we do. Our marketing intern Cody, put together this playlist on what he will be listening as he makes his way around the Biggest Skiing in America. It adds a new twist to our tradition with Millennial Generation music. Each song has been paired with a run. Try it out yourself!

Song and Run accompaniment: 
"Don't Let Me Spend Christmas Alone" by Mitch Murder - Pacifier
"Chasing Cars" by Red Ashes - Big Couloir
"Bird Peterson Holiday Spectacular" - Deep South / El Dorado
"Mr. Grinch" - Mr. K
"Christmas Eve" by Sarajevo - Elk Park Ridge
"Crushmas Mix" - Upper and Lower Morningstar
"Rudolph by DMX" - Calamity Jane
"All I Want for Christmas" - Ambush
"Christmas Wrapping Delight" by DJ Detta - Crazy Horse
"DJ Snake" - Bacon Rind Glades
"Like Snow" - Dude Park
"I Won't Be Home for Christmas" - Grizzly
"A Very Wick-It Christmas" - Lobo Meadows
"Christmas" by The Who - Stump Farm
"Fantasy" by Xaphoon Jones - Liberty Bowl
"Holidays" by D.veloped - The Gullies
"Christmas" by Jimmy Eat World - White Wing
"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" - The Bowl
"Frank Sinatra Christmas Mix (Dirty Tees Remix)" - Silver Knife
"Sweater Party" - Chuck's Run
"White Christmas" by Chiptune - Safari
"Losing You" by Solange - Big Horn