Countdown to Ski Season: 6 Days

Written by Mel Libby on  at

We all know the smell. Every year we welcome it with open arms. It hits my face as soon as I step outside of my house, and I look up as if someone just smacked me across the cheek ... Ahh yes-the smell of winter.

It's crisp, it's cold, and it even stings a bit. But it isn't a hostile sting; it's a sting that gets my blood flowing and snowflakes fluttering in my stomach. The excitement builds in an instant and the next thing I know there's a big, goofy smile on my face and a burst of questions racing through my mind: is it cold enough to snow? When will the first snowfall be? Is it going to be a good winter?-Yes! Where in the world did I put all of my ski gear? Why haven't I bought new skis yet?!

Time seems to drag on and then ... snow! It's a few inches of big, beautiful flakes that are a universal symbol for all snow sport addicts: ski season. The madness begins and ski fever spreads to every skier and boarder in the northern hemisphere. I immediately break out all of last year's ski movies and make plans to attend every premiere of the new ones. I pull out all of my ski gear, maybe put on my ski boots for good measure, even though we all know they haven't changed a bit since being put away for the summer, and I make a list of all the new gear I'll "need" for the season. After the list making I head into my local ski shop (Big Sky Sports, perhaps) to get a tune and stock up on all the new goodies.

It's usually right after that first snowfall that the dreams begin; dreams of waist deep powder turns with my friends, dropping off cornices, sailing through the trees, and having the whole mountain to myself. Only to wake up disappointed in my bed, craving for more.

The countdown has reached single digits my friends. Only six more days until we all can unite and celebrate the best season and sport in the world. Here in Big Sky we're getting hit with snowstorms blanketing Lone Mountain, Spirit Mountain, Andesite, and Flat Iron in a fresh coat of white. Opening Day is looking pretty good. Now that Big Sky Resort is combined with Moonlight Basin it is sure to be an amazing year. Whether it's ripping groomers, hiking the Headwaters, or finding fresh powder off the tram - we really have it all.

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