(Day) Dream Job

Written by Anna Husted on  at

This is the view from my office:

Office View

Don't get the wrong idea. My co-worker and I share this space (it is also a partial meeting room space too), and no one else who works in an office at Big Sky Resort has a view quite like this but us. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Recently I moved from a non-window office of my own to sharing this office with a view. It was well worth the trade. Only a week after moving into this office I found myself drifting off into space, watching the snow fall, studying the contours of the bowls or ridgeline, and imagining myself cruising down Mr. K. I have my (day) dream job and I wouldn't trade that for the world either.

Moving to Big Sky and working at Big Sky Resort started as a way to get into the mountains. The plan was to spend some time pursuing a part of my life that I'd neglected for years: the outdoor part. Camping, hiking, climbing, skiing, repeat. But then I was most fortunate to get my dream job. Being a part of Big Sky Resort was amazing in and of itself, but being a part of Big Sky Resort in a job that I only imagined I would get years down the road was something else. Now I can continue to camp, hike, climb, ski-and day dream about it when I'm not doing it- but with an even better excuse to stay (being from Montana it definitely eases my parents' minds).

I know we can still feel the effects of the recession, and the effects of the government shut down (we certainly do being so close to Yellowstone National Park). I want to give you just a little bit of hope. Confidently expect times to change and keep pursuing what you love. You never know when it all might just fall into place.