Countdown to Ski Season: 56 Days

Written by Anna Husted on  at

If your legs, heart, lungs, and core aren't ready for the 30+ days you're going to spend racing from Lone Peak all the way to the base area, it's not too late to start. Here are some tips I always like to follow for getting into ski shape, especially because you can do them at home.

1) Wall sits, wall sits, wall sits
With or without weights on my legs, wall sits get me ready for the ski season. I (attempt) 3 sets at 60 seconds each at first and work my way up from there. I bet by ski season I'll be doing 3 sets of 10 minutes (wishful thinking).

2) Medicine Ball Throws
I use whatever weight medicine ball I feel comfortable with for that day and start with a squat and then extend my legs up tossing the medicine ball above my head. At home modification: jumping squats, fully extending my legs after each squat and jumping while reaching up toward the ceiling.

3) Medicine Ball Abs
P90X friend, Tony Horton calls these Russian Twists. I use a hand weight or a medicine ball and do 3 sets of 30 Russian Twists. Or without a medicine ball: 3 sets of 50.

4) Lunges: Side and Regular
3 sets of 10 regular lunges and 3 sets of 10 side lunges. If I'm at the gym or have weights at home, I put weights in both hands to get that extra boost.

5) Football Fast Feet
I run in place on the balls of my feet as fast as I can for 15 seconds, repeating for 3 sets with 30 second breaks between each set.

6) Two-leg Hops
I use a foursquare pattern with tape or my imagination for this one. Hopping with both legs, I use one square as home base, always hopping back to that one. I hop forward then back to home base, then sideways and back to home base, then diagonally and back to home base, doing this for 25 seconds. I usually repeat for 3 sets taking 30 second breaks between each set.

I recommend this workout every other day, with an emphasis on cardio on the off days. Or I'll mix it into a cardio workout and split it into 2 groups of 3. There's a plethora of ski workouts to get into, but only one Big Sky Resort to test out that ski-shape. And there's no time like today to start planning that winter trip out here. What is all this working out for if not to cash it in on the mountain?

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