Imagination vs. Actuality: An Overconfidence Issue

Written by Anna Husted on  at

I'm a better skier in my imagination than in actuality. Don't get me wrong, I can shred, turn like a racer (most of the time), and huck a small cliff here and there, but I always think A) I am better at it than I actually am and B) I look better skiing than I actually do.

Let's talk about point B first. When I was learning to ski, helmets were not popular. And by not popular I mean no one wore them and if you did you were a dork. I was a dork. Not only did I wear a helmet, but I didn't have the good sense of matching my ski pants, gloves, jacket, helmet or skis (I blame my dad). Then around high school, helmets took a turn for the cool. I appreciated this, not for safety reasons like I now do, but for style reasons. Helmets were coming in all colors, shapes and sizes, some even with earbuds so you could jam while on the hill (in which case you definitely need a helmet just to cancel out the danger factor of listening to music on the hill). Helmet ads even became cool when humor was added: a helmet saving the life of a chicken in a chicken factory or saving a skier from the Grim Reaper. I still wear a helmet (in those epic I'm-a-pro-skier daydreams and in actuality) and I still clash my ski attire ... until this year. For the first time in about 10 years, I purchased a new ski coat and pants that match my K2 Misdemeanors relatively well. The only missing piece now is that new matching helmet.

Point A is a confidence issue (or should I say overconfidence issue). Like I learned at a young age, being confident (on the slopes or off) is key. On the hill this means pushing myself to try something new or go just a little harder than I did the day before. Whether or not I look good cruising groomers or clicking into my bindings off the Tram is irrelevant because being sure that I am where I am supposed to be and that I'm about to do one of my favorite things makes me happy. Part of this happiness comes from being confident. So maybe it's not so bad that I think I'm a better skier than I am, as long as I am a happy one. This is the year to pursue that confidence and maybe that matching set of boots and skis, or hats and gloves. Big Sky Sports can definitely hook me up with the latter, but the former is all me.

Me not mismatching too much and having a lot of fun.