Split Ends & Shredding

Written by Anna Husted on  at

Getting ready for the next day's adventures starts today ... at the Solace Spa & Salon. Upon my second visit to Big Sky Resort's Spa, this time to get those unruly bangs out of my eyes, I noticed two great things: 1) Going to the spa is relaxing and refreshing no matter where you schedule it in your day and 2) I've never had a hair stylist who I can ask about split ends, and about shredding the Big Couloir.

Having just come from work, a scalp rub, shampoo and trim was as relaxing as a massage might have been. Don't underestimate the power of just letting someone else do your hair. I also find a good facial just before a haircut relaxing. Opening up the pores after a long day exposed to the sun or sitting in an office makes me feel cleaner. The atmosphere at the Solace Salon is vastly different from what you'll find at a salon in New York or LA. Not to say that blasting Madonna, celebrity gossip and waiting hours for your appointment aren't what we've grown to love and expect from salons, but at Solace Salon the quieter, folksy guitar tunes, powder stash gossip, and on-time appointments make for a pleasant trip to the hair stylist and ensure that I'll be going back.

After the stunning hair cut from Sarah, I ventured into the chilly fall temperatures for an evening outside. Normally I would make sure to schedule a haircut before a night out or schedule spa day after a day of activities, it turns out a trip to the spa does wonders no matter where you put it in your day.
Get ready to look amazing this winter season at Big Sky Resort.