Countdown to Ski Season: 70 Days

Written by Lyndsey Owens on  at

So it happened. The first snow on Lone Peak. In the mountains this much loved snowflake can fall at a moment's notice. It is always welcomed, at least by me. Snowflakes boost morale. When the first stellar flakes fall I get the warm fuzzies and twitterpated as well as ear to ear grins. A snowflake can transform even the saltiest curmudgeon to an optimist. Maybe that's why I love it so much or maybe I love it because it means that the ski season is just around the corner.

This year marks my 17th season pass of direct to lift access to Big Sky Resort. Having my season pass has become more than a convenient way to go skiing, it is a necessary part of my life. Years ago I remember it was common place to run into ski buddies along the way. I frequently would run into my friend Coleen at the tram dock. It seemed we were always destined to powder hound around together. But as the resort expanded terrain in Dakota, cleared more glades on Andesite and offered The Biggest Skiing in America with Moonlight Basin it really spread the skiers out around the mountain. Now with everyone shredding it up over 5,800 acres, having my season pass makes it easy to jump in with some friends for a few laps or go out solo for my moment of Zen. It also is great for my annual bell-to-bell ski day (first chair-to-last chair) and my friends will come hang with me for a few laps. I realize that prioritizing my means for direct to lift access isn't for everyone- but it will make you ski more and that is pretty sweet.

Get your 2013/14 season pass to Big Sky Resort by September 30, 2013 for the best deal. Also- check out the Bronze Pass, it offers 56 days of direct to lift access early and late season.



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