Countdown to Ski Season: 80 Days

Written by Anna Husted on  at

The other day on a work related email a business acquaintance signed off his email with: I am looking forward to the ski season. Each day is closer than the day before. I have only ever met this man through email, yet the sincerity in which those two sentences were written was more than many in-person interactions. What is it about meeting fellow skiers and snowboarders that makes one instantly friends? Perhaps it is the exclusivity that is the sport of skiing, or perhaps it is the desire to make play as important as work so as to never miss out on a great day of skiing.

I come from a very short line of skiers. My father learned to ski in college and passed his knowledge and ability, including the way he leans back on his skis from time to time, on to me. I would ski in his exact tracks to find that pitch and rhythm of the fall line. That's it. Just the two generations of us pizza wedging our way down Mr. K, flying down Calamity Jane, picking out turn by turn on Buffalo Jump, and standing in line for the tram. Before my dad there was no one holding up the Husted family name on the ski hill, there seemed to only be time for work. I'm so thankful for Chet Huntley, Everett Kircher, and people like my dad for putting skiing within the world of work. Whether it's building a ski mountain, a ski lodge or holding annual business meetings on the ski hill, there was always time to ski.

Those men and women ski pioneers paved the way for sincerity between strangers over a thing like flakes of snow on a 50 degree gradient. Reveling over new glades, undiscovered tree runs and feeling happy waking up to falling snow put me where I am today: working at a ski resort.

Now with only 80 days until Big Sky Resort opens, we can begin comfortably dwelling on fresh tracks, no lift lines and first chair without driving ourselves crazy. With each new day we are closer to skiing than the day before. So take a moment to reflect on those sincere moments with strangers and do a little daydreaming about fresh tracks. the meantime, grab your season pass before September 30 for the best deal: Bronze for $279 and Sky Card for $69 are fantastic deals, but check them all out here. I can't wait to see you out there ... in 80 days.