Q&A with Wellness Studio Supervisor Kylie Bechdolt

Written by Anna Husted on  at

I had a chance to chat with Kylie Bechdolt, the Wellness Studio Supervisor at Big Sky Resort. We chatted about specific Wellness Studio classes, including which ones will help you get into better ski shape, and about the overall experience of taking a Wellness Studio class. Here's what Kylie had to say:

What is the best thing about taking a Wellness Studio Class at Big Sky Resort?
The best part about the Wellness Studio classes is that they are personalized. Class sizes are generally fairly small and all of the instructors truly enjoy giving every guest one-on-one attention. It's always a fun learning experience and great workout for everyone who attends a class.

If I've never taken a class, is there a beginner-type class I should attend?
The instructors can cater the classes to any level of ability. Even if there are several people in a class and some are beginners while others are experienced, the instructors are happy to make the class beneficial for everyone. Beginners are encouraged to try all of the Wellness Studio classes to see which one is the best fit.

How can yoga, kettleballs, Zumba, and ballet fitness get me into good ski shape (specifically)?
All of the classes we offer are great for increasing muscle strength, which is a huge part of getting into ski shape. On top of improving your base muscle strength, Zumba, kettlebells, and the cardio conditioning classes are great for improving cardiovascular health and, over the long term, will improve lung capacity which greatly benefits people who ski or snowboard regularly. The yoga and ballet fitness classes are great for increasing the body's overall circulation, core strength, and balance.

What's the most challenging Wellness Studio class Big Sky Resort offers?
Each class is challenging in a different way. It just depends on what type of challenge you are looking for in a workout. All of the yoga and ballet fitness classes will definitely challenge the endurance of your muscles and your core strength. They will also push the limits of your muscles by requiring you to hold positions for a long period of time. On the other hand, all of our cardio classes will challenge the body's cardiovascular endurance and may require more range of motion.

What is the most popular course this winter at the Wellness Studio?
Our most popular class is definitely yoga. People look forward to being able to stretch and warm up their muscles both before and after a day on the slopes. Many of the guests who attend the yoga classes here either do yoga regularly at home or have at least tried it a few times and enjoy trying other instructor's classes to practice new yoga methods.

Any additional comments?
The Wellness Studio offers a great variety of classes seven days a week and the instructors are truly helpful and can provide a wonderful learning experience for anyone. We highly encourage guests, employees, and locals to give each class a try.

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