Photos: Adventure Ziplining with Team Marketing

Written by Anna Husted on  at

Ziplining is a unique experience in and of itself, but ziplining with friends at Big Sky Resort is more special than just your average zipline. I had the chance to go out with my coworkers (and friends) for an Adventure Zipline Outing in early June. It was a blast. Here's a look at our trip:

Big Sky Resort Marketing team pre-zipline.

Erik takes it easy as he waits for the go ahead to zip.

Graphic Designer Michel Tallichet tackles Jerry's Terror. 

Team 2
A light snow falls as the Marketing Team also soaks up some sun from an early summer Adventure Ziplining Trip

Brand Manager Glenniss Indreland prepares to rappel off the platform. 

twin zip
The fourth zipline on the Adventure Zipline Tour is a Twin Zip. Race your friends.