Watching the World Cup in Big Sky

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In high school I went to a lot of soccer games because all my friends played soccer. After high school I joined my college newspaper as a sports photographer and shot soccer matches and, once again, became friends with a lot of soccer players. Needless to say, I'm terrible at soccer, but always found myself surrounded by soccer lovers.

In 2010, The World Cup was in South Africa and I spent a lot of time at The Nomad Pub in Minneapolis eating breakfast burritos and drinking Bloody Marys. Four years later the World Cup is in Brazil and I found myself looking for The Nomad Pub equivalent in Big Sky. Ustream has also taken the world by storm and allows me to catch the games without needing cable, but watching World Cup matches on my own is not as fun as the camaraderie of watching with a group.

The first few days of the World Cup I went to Milkie's Pizza & Pub. Milkie's is inexpensive and has great pizza, but just wasn't quite the World Cup vibe I was used to. The key to finding a good World Cup place is finding the soccer lovers.

The second week a Big Sky Resort guest asked me via Twitter where the best location was to watch the World Cup. I immediately thought of Carabiner Lounge. So I decided to check it out for World Cup action. The food and beverages were fantastic (as always), and the vibe was fun, however, I still hadn't found my Nomad Pub.

On Saturday, June 14 I decided to go to Lone Peak Cinema for the Cote d'Ivoire vs. Japan match. I had no real plan to ever hang out at the theater when not seeing a movie, but it's within walking distance of my house and seemed like a fun choice. When I tell people I watched the World Cup at the movie theater they automatically assume I'm watching it projected on the big screen. However, I'm sitting at the bar (yes, our theater has a full bar) and watching it on their 50-inch LCD flatscreen. Sure, it's not the big screen, but it's bigger than my screen at home.

I picked up a pizza from Ousel & Spur, ordered a Yellowstone Lager and watched one of the most exciting games of the World Cup thus far. (Cote d'Ivoire pulled ahead with just 20 minutes left). I like hanging out at the movie theater because it's a place where the love of soccer abounds and I didn't even know it until the World Cup. I've missed a lot of World Cup action in the past couple weeks due to travel, but I know I'll be watching the final match at the cinema with fellow soccer lovers. Lone Peak Cinema is my Nomad Pub for the 2014 World Cup.

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