Dress Code

An employee's personal appearance is a direct extension of the Resort's ambiance. You are representing Big Sky Resort's quality in guest service. Personal hygiene is essential. Big Sky has a strict dress, grooming, and appearance policy in which all employees must comply. When you arrive, you must be in compliance with the dress code. Managers hold the right to determine what is an acceptable appearance.

MEN: The only facial hair permissible is in the form of a neatly groomed mustache, beard or goatee, that is fully grown before the start of the season. Maximum length of hair is above the ears on the sides and above the collar in the back. Hair must not hang into the face and obstruct your vision. Sideburns are allowed, but can be no longer than mid ear length. Only Boyne issued hats are permissible and must be worn brim forward. No earrings are allowed on men.

WOMEN: Hair should be worn so as not to obstruct your vision or create an undue safety hazard depending on your position. If legs and underarms are visible to the public, they must be clean-shaven. Jewelry and makeup should be appropriate and understated.

GUYS AND GALS: Hair should be neatly groomed and a natural color. Absolutely no facial earrings or piercing (i.e. nose rings, tongue studs) of any kind and no visible tattoos are permitted in the workplace. Clothing and uniforms must be clean and properly maintained. Employees will be expected to use good personal hygiene habits. All personnel must wear Boyne issued nametags while on duty.


Indoor Positions: You should bring black dress pants and comfortable black shoes, with a closed heel and toe. Shirts are provided. Please no logos or words on your clothing. Non-slip black shoes are required in the kitchen and can be ordered upon arrival. Please speak with your manager about your position specifics.

Outdoor Positions:

SUMMER- Closed toed shoes are required. Please bring clothing appropriate for anywhere between very hot, dry weather to very cold mountain weather. Uniform shirts and jackets are provided. Please speak to your manager about your position specifics.

WINTER- Warm socks, gloves and under layers. Please have proper footwear/boots for snowy, wet and slippery weather. Uniform jackets are provided. Please speak to your manager about your positions specifics.


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