Big Sky Resort Exp & s Basecamp, Creates 27 New Jobs

BIG SKY, Mont. - In a recession, many companies cut back on staff. But even in tough economic times, Big Sky Resort has continued to grow, adding new amenities and employees each year. This summer, with several new products being offered through Big Sky's Basecamp activities center, the department will more than double its seasonal guide staff, adding a total of 27 new summer positions.

"Big Sky is always striving to attract people to our community, and that means creating new activities, amenities, and jobs, even when other businesses are tightening their belts," said Dax Schieffer, Big Sky Resort Director of Human Resources. "With the new Lone Peak Expedition guided experience and the addition of the new Giant Swing in the base area, Big Sky is doing just that."

Since the addition of Big Sky's Ziplines and other Basecamp activities in 2009, Big Sky Resort has created 58 new Basecamp jobs, including two full time year-round positions. The 58 positions include 27 new jobs for summer 2012 - 26 new guides and one new office staff member - more than doubling Basecamp's seasonal guide staff.

"Creating jobs and hiring locally is a way for Big Sky to help both our company and our community grow," said Schieffer.

Many positions for summer 2012 have been filled, but there are some open positions posted on at, where Big Sky encourages job seekers to apply.