11th Annual Dummy Jump at Big Sky Resort

Big Sky, Mont. (February 27, 2014) - Crash test dummies have been used for years to implement safety in cars, planes, and now skis. The 11th annual Dummy Jump is back on track for Saturday, March 29, 2014 at Big Sky Resort sponsored by popchips. Participants build a dummy to be launched off a ski jump, high into the air, and crowds witness the carnage of the landing. An awards ceremony will be held at Whiskey Jack's.

Teams are encouraged to design, build and modify a dummy competitor. Dummy registration is free and available online or day of the event. All dummies must resemble an organic life form, have a theme, be manageable by no more than two people, be designed with modesty (i.e. clothing) for the younger audience in attendance, and leave no trace.

Starting at 10am, there will be registration and a Dummy Display at the Mountain Village next to the Summit Hotel until Noon. Each team's dummy must be delivered by hand or sleigh, with no motorized help. The dummies will be delivered via snowcat to the mid-section of Ambush run near the Ramcharger chair lift. Spectators can gather near the bottom of Ambush for the best viewing area.

The dummy launches will commence at 2:30pm to the viewing delight of the judges and spectators. Each dummy receives one run as they are individually shoved out of the starting gate toward a large jump with a dismount onto a flat area.

The participant's dummies are judged on their creativity, best jump, best form, sturdiest dummy, best amplitude and finally, the best eruption upon impact. A heavy dummy with a low center of gravity makes a successful launch and subsequent splat upon landing.
The Dummy Jump awards ceremony will take place at Whiskey Jack's following a short period of deliberation after the final dummy has flown. Grand prize is a $500 pre-paid Visa Gift Card, second and third place will win a popchips logoed snowboard, and each winner will receive a six months' supply of popchips.

Visit www.bigskyresort.com/events for rules and more information.