Know Before You Go

Please review our various mountain policies, codes, notices, and other safety information below.

Responsibility Code

Observe the code listed below and share with other skiers the responsibility for a great skiing experience.

Big Sky Resort ADA Accessibility Policies

It is the goal of Big Sky to be accessible to all who are interested in skiing or snowboarding. Here are our ADA accessibility policies.

Alpine Touring (AT), Uphill Ski Travel, Skinning Policy

Uphill travel is prohibited within the ski area boundary unless guided or specifically authorized. The ski area is closed to uphill traffic due to hazardous conditions that typically exist.

Equipment Policy

Read our Equipment Policy regarding snowblades, snowbikes, and other snow equipment.

Flying Devices Policy

Read Big Sky Resort's drones, hang gliders, paragliders, other flying devices policies.

Camping Policy

Big Sky Resort's Camping Policy applies to any and all of the skier lots within Big Sky Resort.

Season Pass Agreement

View the Season Pass agreement for Big Sky Resort when purchasing or considering a Season Pass.

Deep Snow/Treewell Safety

Learn how to effectively deal with deep, unconsolidated snow, and treewells via this link.