Skill Levels

Skier Skill Levels

Level Number Level Name Notes
Level 1 Turtle First time on skis.
Level 2 Bear Controls speed and stops with wedge on surface lifts.
Level 3 Beaver Links controlled wedge turns on gentle green terrain. Ready for the chairlift.
Level 4 Moose Variety of green terrain including chairlifts. Can link wedge turns in a variety of turn sizes and shapes.
Level 5 Porcupine Even the most difficult green terrain. Turns by using wedge through part of the turn, but matches skis only after the fall line.
Level 6 Raccoon All green and easy blue terrain. Begins turning by using a wedge and matches skis in or just before the fall line. Skis all groomed green terrain parallel.
Level 7 Owl Variety of blue terrain. Skis parallel on all groomed terrain, may use a slight opening of the skis to begin turn on off-groomed blue terrain.
Level 8 Wolf All blue groomed and easier black terrain. Strong parallel turn with consistent turn shape.
Level 9 Rabbit All terrain. Uses ski design to make parallel turns; uses poles effectively; is comfortable exploring a variety of terrain including off-groomed slopes on easier black terrain. Skis a dynamic parallel turn in all terrain.

Snowboarder Skill Levels

Level Number Level Name Notes
Level 1 Turtle Never snowboarded before.
Level 2 Bear Comfortable sliding downhill on heel edge (heel side slip)
Level 3 Beaver Comfortable sliding downhill on heel and toe edges (heel and toe side slip). Ready for first turns.
Level 4 Porcupine Comfortable linking turns (toe to heel and heel to toe) on easy green runs.
Level 5 Owl Consistently linking turns on all green runs and easy blues.
Level 6 Rabbit Consistently linking turns on all blue runs and easy blacks.


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