Massage Therapy

Any of our massages or body wraps may be performed on two people simultaneously in our Couples Massage Rooms. Price and time dependent on treatment.

Solace Swedish Massage
Our full body Swedish massage that melts away tension, improves circulation and imparts total relaxation using light to medium pressure.

25 Minutes: $55
50 Minutes: $100
80 Minutes: $155

Deep Tissue Therapy
A firm therapeutic massage that soothes sore and tired muscles. Using specialized techniques and deep pressure, your therapist will address problem areas to facilitate increased range of motion and encourage healing.

50 Minutes: $120
80 Minutes: $175
110 Minutes: $200

Aromatherapy Massage
Our customized Swedish massage with your choice of essential oils to stimulate the senses. Choose from one of the following blends:

∙ Calm - utilizes lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood to help alleviate anxiety and insomnia.
∙ Breathe - utilizes peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon to help remedy allergies, breathing problems, congestion and cough.
∙ Energize - utilizes grapefruit and ginger to counteract fatigue and restlessness.

50 Minutes: $115
80 Minutes: $165

Gallatin River Hot Stone Massage
Warmed native stones are used for this ultimate sensory experience. This massage is a perfect recovery after a long day on the mountain.

75 Minutes: $155

Mountain Mama
Our classic Swedish massage tailored Mountain Mama specifically for the expectant mother. We use 100% pure melted Shea butter instead of traditional oil. This can be performed with our Body Support Systems cushions or in side-lying position for ultimate relaxation. Recommended for women in their second or third trimester.

50 Minutes: $100

Altitude Adjustment Therapy
Designed specifically to help your body adapt to life at 7,500 feet. A blend of Swedish, Craniosacral and Neuromuscular techniques help to increase circulation and minimize altitude induced headaches. Head, neck and shoulders are the areas of focus.

50 Minutes: $100

Head, Hand, and Foot Escape
Treat yourself to a luxurious hand and foot massage that utilizes 100% pure Shea butter. Following the massage, hands and feet are then cocooned in warm towels, and a soothing scalp massage allows you to escape into further relaxation.

50 Minutes: $100

Madison Foot Massage
Devote a few minutes to these often neglected parts of your body. We incorporate acupressure and reflexology with heat therapy. Essential oils are used to balance and restore.

25 Minutes: $55

Headwaters Hair and Scalp Treatment
Indulge your hair and scalp through this relaxing experience. Unwind with a delicious scalp massage, and enjoy a neck and shoulder massage while hair products penetrate, leaving your hair happy and healthy. Great as a stand-alone treatment or as an enhancement to another service. Please note that oil will remain in hair for several washings.

25 Minutes: $55

Massage Enhancements

100% Pure Shea Butter: $10
Arnica Oil: $10
Aromatherapy: $15
15 Minute Scalp Massage: $20
15 Minute Healing Hand and Foot Massage: $20
15 Minute Foot Scrub: $20

Please note that enhancements cannot be booked alone.


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