We understand that the early closure during our 2019-2020 winter season was disruptive and a disappointment to us all. To uphold our promise of providing a great winter season for our passholders, we have added a Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan to every season pass product.

Big Sky Resort promises to operate at least 140 days, the average number of days over the past 7 years. If the resort were to close due to unforeseen circumstances and operate fewer than those 140 days, a credit based on the number of days lost will be issued to passholders to use toward a 2021-22 season pass. Passholders also have the option to roll over the value of an unused 2020-21 pass as a credit towards a 2021-22 pass for any reason through January 15, 2021, at no cost.

Worry-Free Winter Assurance FAQs

Pass Assurance

  • During these unprecedented times, we know there are many questions around next season. The Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan is designed to alleviate the uncertainty that our guests may have in committing to next season's pass. The Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan is included as part of all Big Sky Resort season passes. We have you covered because we love carving as much as you do! ​

  • The Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan at Big Sky Resort has two basic parts: ​​

    First, we are committed to operating for a full ski season, and here at Big Sky, that's 140 days. If for any reason our season is shortened, we will provide a credit towards the purchase of a 21-22 season pass, based on the percent that the season has been shortened. ​​

    Second, if for any reason a passholder needs to defer their pass for the 20-21 season, they have the option to roll over the full value of their pass purchase to the 21-22 season. The pass must be unused and Big Sky Resort must be notified of the passholder's wish to defer their pass before January 15, 2021.

  • This program is included at no additional cost with all Big Sky Resort season passes; including passes purchased on our payment plans.​​

  • Yes! You will be automatically enrolled in the Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan.

  • The resort considers an operating day when guests are offered lift-accessed skiable terrain during scheduled operating hours. ​​

  • Opening: November 26, 2020

    Planned closing: April 18, 2021

  • The Worry-Free Winter Assurance plan will provide a credit toward the purchase of any 20-21 season pass at Big Sky Resort.​​

  • The value of any credit issued for your 20-21 pass will be applied to the purchase of any 21-22 season pass. ​

  • If any credit needs to be issued as a result of operating fewer than 140 days, calculations and credits will be issued after the resorts planned closing date of April 18, 2021. ​

    For example, if we can only operate for 126 days, 10% of the value of your pass purchase would carry over as a credit toward the purchase of a 21-22 pass. ​

  • Any local or national mandates that impact Big Sky Resort's operating plan will be included in the credit calculation if the resort operates less than 140 days.

  • Yes. Guests are free to change the type of pass for the 21-22 season if desired. However, credits will be non-transferable from the original 20-21 pass holder.

  • If your credit amount is worth more than your purchased 21-22 season pass, you will receive a resort gift card with the remaining balance. 

  • Yes, if the resort was closed for the entire 2020-21 season for any reason such as COVID-19 or other pandemics, war, terrorism, or a natural disaster, then you would receive a 100% credit towards the purchase of a 21-22 season pass.

  • In the event that a passholder is restricted from travel due to a local stay-at-home order in effect before January 30, 2021, lasting for at least 30 days, you may be eligible for a pass credit. The resort must be open, and the pass must be unused to receive a credit for the full pass value to be applied for the 21-22 season.

Pass Rollover

  • If for any reason a 20-21 passholder decides to defer their pass for the 20-21 season, the value of their purchased 20-21 pass toward any single pass available for the 21-22 winter season. Passholders must notify Big Sky Resort by January 15, 2021, if they chose to roll over their pass.

  • You can request your 20-21 pass to be rolled over by completing this form.

  • Passholders who have not used their pass and would like to roll it over to the next season must submit a request between September 10 and January 15, 2021. Any requests after January 15 will be ineligible for the rollover program. ​

  • No. Passes must have not been used or scanned in order to roll over your pass value to the next season.​

  • All Big Sky Resort 20-21 season pass products purchased, and unused, prior to January 15, 2021, are eligible. Promotional products, multi-day tickets, ticket packs, and employee passes are not eligible for this program. 

  • Yes. Rollover is available to all age categories and pass types including loyalty pricing passes. The passholder will receive a credit for the amount paid for their 20-21 pass. Actual age and/or pass categories for 21-22 passes will apply at the time of the 21-22 pass purchase based on each resort's policies. The pass holder will be responsible for any cost increases if the passholder is no longer eligible for a pass and/or a pass product is no longer offered. 

  • No, deferred pass values are non-transferable and may be used for the original 20-21 passholder only. ​

  • Any Big Sky Pass purchased, and unused, prior to January 15, 2021, are eligible. This means both the Big Sky Resort pass AND the Ikon Base Pass must not have been used prior to January 15, 2021.​ Please note that the rollover applies to the value of your Big Sky Resort pass. Your Ikon Base Pass add-on will not be rolled over.