Explorer Gondola

Explorer Gondola Rendering

Coming winter 2025-26, a new two-stage gondola will replace the existing Explorer chair, which has been in operation since the resort's opening in 1973. The new gondola will extend all the way to the Bowl, connecting to the lower terminal of the Lone Peak Tram and multiple dining facilities. This replacement will transform access to the Explorer and northern Swift Current terrain, with the new gondola providing massive improvements to comfort and speed.

Mid-station Foundations & Cabin Garage

Summer 2023

In the summer of 2023, teams poured 2500 cubic yards of concrete to create the foundation of the gondola cabin garage and footers for the mid-station. The garage totals 21,000 square feet of cabin storage and maintenance space, and the terminal itself is an additional 7,000 square feet.

Work will begin on the top and lower gondola terminals once the lifts close for the winter 2023-24 season. Both locations require technical design and construction. The top terminal needs a unique foundation system due to seismic loading and lateral earth pressures, and the bottom terminal location is subject to seasonal groundwater flooding during snowmelt in the spring. While construction progresses at the bottom terminal during the summer of 2024, teams will also work to shore the existing Explorer tower footings to allow the lift to operate for the winter 2024-25 season. Solutions, including a temporary operator house and a temporary loading platform at the Explorer lift, are being explored to make the overlap in construction and operations possible.