Madison 8

Six Shooter Replacement

Lift Rendering

A new lift is coming to Lone Mountain's north side—Madison 8, the resort’s second eight-place and third state-of-the-art D-line chairlift, will replace the existing Six-Shooter lift in the summer of 2024. Set to open in December 2024, Madison 8 will nearly double uphill capacity out of the Madison Base, reduce ride time by 30%, and continue to add value to the Big Sky experience for years to come.  

The lift name and brand mark are inspired by the journey of the northern exposure ecosystem, where ski turns define the winter landscape, and the snowmelt makes its way to the Madison River in the spring. 

The new eight-place lift will effectively double the uphill capacity while reducing ride time, offering guests swift and comfortable access to Big Sky Resort’s north side terrain from the Madison Base Area. Madison 8 will also set a new record globally as the longest eight-place installation in the world.

Fast Facts

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    30% reduction in ride time, moving up to 6 meters per second (13 miles per hour)
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    Ultrawide heated seats equipped with weatherproof Big Sky Blue Bubbles
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    The world's longest 8-place chairlift
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    Nearly double the uphill capacity, carrying up to 2,745 riders per hour
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    The new Fatzer Performa-DT Haul Rope offers an unparalleled smooth and quiet ride