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Gold Ikon Base Pass

As part of your 2021-22 Big Sky Resort Gold Season Pass, you qualify for an Ikon Base Pass for the season. Learn more about how the Ikon Base Pass works.

Ikon Base Pass Benefits

  • Ski access to over 40 global destinations, with 5+ days at each (does not include Jackson Hole & Aspen Snowmass)
  • 8 Friends & Family vouchers at participating locations
  • Discounts on dining, retail, and lodging at select destinations

For a full list of benefits and access details, visit

Pass Details & Policies

  • The Ikon Base Pass is strictly intended for the associated Big Sky Resort Passholder and is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Ikon Base Passes are valid for the 2021-22 ski season only, not eligible for spring 2021 access
  • Your Ikon Base Pass must be redeemed by December 10, 2021 (instructions below)
  • Your Ikon Base Pass will not have access to Big Sky Resort and you will not qualify for Ikon Passholder benefits at Big Sky
  • The Ikon Base Pass is not eligible for upgrades
  • Fraudulent redemption of Ikon Base Passes will result in having pass benefits revoked
  • Use and access requires primary pass product to be in good standing
  • When this voucher is redeemed through the Ikon platform, your Big Sky Resort Gold pass will be recorded as USED and you will no longer be eligible for Pass Rollover through the Worry-Free Winter Assurance program
  • This pass does not qualify for Ikon's Adventure Assurance program

Redeeming Your Ikon Base Pass

Starting October 2021, Big Sky Resort will begin sending out one-time-use codes for Gold Passholders to redeem their Ikon Base Passes. If you or someone in your household has a Gold Pass, you will be able to redeem this code by following the below steps.

Please note that Gold Passes purchased on payment plans will be sent their codes after the final payment on November 1st.

Codes are valid May 15, 2021, through December 10, 2021. After December 10 you will not be able to redeem your Ikon Base Pass.

  1. Go to and add an Ikon Base Pass to your cart. If you have multiple codes, you can add all of the Ikon Base Passes you plan to redeem at the same time.
  2. Navigate to your cart and select "Add Promo Code"
  3. Enter one code per pass. Your total should adjust to $0 per pass.
  4. Continue through the checkout process to finalize your Ikon Base Pass redemption.

Getting Your Ikon Base Pass

Ikon Base Passes will be sent out starting October 2021. It may take up to two weeks once you're redeemed your Base Pass to get it in the mail. Passes cannot be issued until a photo has been uploaded and waivers are signed on 

You may also pick up your Ikon Base Pass at any North American Ikon Pass destination, except Big Sky Resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, or Aspen Snowmass. You will need your confirmation number and ID. If you receive a pass in the mail after you pick up your pass at a mountain, your pass in the mail will be void.

For help with Ikon Base Passes, please contact Ikon