Vista Hall

November 10th, 2020

Best Places to Eat During the Ski Day

At The Biggest Skiing in America, you’ll need some serious fuel for a big day on the hill. No matter where your ski day takes you, there are some amazing places to stop in for a bite. We’ll begin where any good ski day should…breakfast.

1. Vista Hall – Mountain Village

Vista Hall

For grab-and-go style breakfast, Vista Hall’s variety of food options can’t be beaten. For a more substantial start to your day, grab a breakfast burrito at the Taqueria. The Illy Café & Bakery serves-up hot and iced coffee and espresso, juices, smoothies, and pastries. For lunch, the Servery experience delivers options for the entire family with sushi & ramen, street tacos, classic American burgers, fresh soups, salads, & sandwiches, and hearth oven pizzas. And, for those blue-bird days when you simply can’t justify being inside, Vista Bar offers plentiful sunshine by way of the extremely spacious bar & deck with the best view of the mountain.

2.   Yeti Dogs — Mountain Village

Ah, the good ol’ American hot dog. Is there anything out there that can compete with the budget-friendliness of beef on a bun? Offering both beef and veggie options, Yeti Dogs is a favorite among omnivores and herbivores alike. Moreover, it’s conveniently situated right next to ski rentals in Mountain Village’s Snowcrest Building. 

3. Westward Social — Mountain Village

Westward Social

If you find yourself at Mountain Village around lunchtime, pop those skis off then pop over to the East Entrance of The Exchange. Inside, you’ll stumble upon Westward Social who are featuring an exciting chef-inspired menu and craft cocktails. As you might’ve guessed from the name, Westward Social is one of the best après spots at end of the ski day. So, be sure to call up or click on over to OpenTable to make a reservation.

4. Montana Jack — Mountain Village

Montana Jack

Montana Jack is a great go-to among the myriad of family-friendly choices at the Resort. The vivacious burger bar &  tap house maintains greatest infamy for having over 30 beers on tap, and for Smoked Brisket Nachos piled a mile high. Like their neighbors, Westward Social, the Jack is also a happening place so get there early, or utilize their new expanded take-out options for lunch and dinner.  

5. Uncle Dan's Cookies — Madison Base

Uncle Dan's Cookies

A Big Sky original to be sure, Uncle Dan began in 1985 with a business in homestyle baked goods and sandwiches. From then to now, Uncle Dan’s goodies have found their way into every Big Sky grocery store, gas station, and on the North Side of Lone Peak too. There, Uncle Dan can often be spied still serving-up cookies, crispies, bars, and paninis out of the affectionately and accurately dubbed Six Shooter Shack.

6. Headwaters Grille — Madison Base

There is no better place to chill slope-side at Madison Base than Headwaters Grille. With their smokers going around the clock, the Headwaters menu of classic bbq, sandwiches, salads, and grab-and-go snacks is a favorite among families and locals alike.  Ask anyone who skis the North side, and they’ll tell you Headwaters is the place to pop your skis off for lunch be it a white-out or a blue-bird day. Added for this coming season is an expanded outdoor seating area. This means plenty of room to sit down and put your ski boots up.

7. Shedhorn Grill — South Side

Shedhorn Grill

The South side of Lone Peak features one of the most “uniquely Montana” dining options. The Shedhorn Grille sits at a lofty 9,032 feet in elevation, and did we mention it’s a yurt? Getting to Shedhorn can be accomplished in a couple of different ways. Make your way over to the Shedhorn lift via Swift Current 6 and Cow Flats, or if you're the adventurous type, it can be reached from the summit of Lone Peak, making for a great post-Tram-lap reward.

All told, there are simply a ton of appetizing options to choose from at Big Sky Resort. The best thing about such a broad selection is that a ski vacation with us can be spent trying a new place to eat every single day!