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Home Employment
Home Employment

Employment & Job Opportunities

At Big Sky Resort, we strive to consistently create exceptional experiences for our guests. It takes a dedicated, talented team to pull this off at an elite ski resort, and we're always looking for good folks to help us take our game to the next level.

When you join the Big Sky Resort team, you not only get to be part of the ski resort of the future, you also get to benefit from lots of awesome perks -- like ski passes, lift tickets, discounts on gear, meals and more, plus access to employee housing. You also get the benefit of a service-oriented and very friendly Human Resources Department to help you through your transition. 

Take a look at our job openings, and apply to be part of Big Sky Resort. 

Big Sky Resort Human Resources
Work at Big Sky Resort Visit to see all of the job opportunities!

Employment Details & FAQs

When you're ready to dive into more information, take a look at Employee Housing Options, Benefits and our Dress Code.

  • Look good, feel good.

    Feeling good is contagious. We want you to look your best when working with our guests, so you feel your best and deliver the best possible guest experience.

    Each employee has a uniform which is mean to represent their department's brand and concept. These uniforms also help convey to guests that you are someone they can reach out to for assistance. If your position does not require a uniform, you should dress in a manner suitable to your position. Any questions on uniform? Consult with your manager.

    Personal appearance and proper hygiene is part of the gig. If you report for work inappropriately dressed or groomed, it reflects poorly on everyone at the Resort, and our supervisors may request you to correct the problem before continuing to work, and may result in disciplinary action.

    Need to make an exception to your uniform standards for religious or other purposes as required by law? Not a problem. Simply submit your request in writing to Human Resources.

    All Employees

    We count on our employees to deliver excellent guest service which ultimately will win loyalty from our guests. As a result, we look to our employees to exhibit good taste in all things related to dress, hairstyle, cosmetics and/or jewelry.


    Cleanliness is concern number one for guests when staying at a Resort. In order to serve our guests to the best of our abilities, we expect our employees to present a clean and hygienic image. Prior to coming to work, all employees should bathe, deodorize and maintain proper oral hygiene, and steer away from use of strong perfumes or colognes. Nails should be clean and trimmed.


    Hair must be neat and clean of a natural color for those who work directly with our guests. If men's hair exceeds collar length, it must be pulled back in a ponytail or tucked up under a company approved hat. Extreme hairstyles must be pulled back or tucked up under a company-approved hat, or will not be permitted.

    Facial Hair

    Male employees faces must be either freshly clean shaven before reporting to work, or follow our guidelines for facial hair including full beards, mustaches, and goatees:

    • Male employees must have full grown facial hair on the date they begin work. Employees that do not have full beards, goatees, or mustaches when reporting to work must remain clean-shaven and not grow a new beard, mustache or goatee while the Resort is open for guests. Facial hair may be grown during times of shutdown, PTO and shoulder seasons.
    • Employees with beards, mustaches, and goatees must keep them neatly trimmed. Beards may not exceed more than one-half inch in thickness and may not extend onto the neck area. Mustaches must not extend below the upper lip or exceed more than one-half inch in thickness, must be neatly tapered on the ends, and not present a bushy appearance. Goatees should be trimmed daily and not exceed more than one-half inch in thickness. Patchy, inconsistent coverage is not allowed.
    • Sideburns are permitted if neatly trimmed to their natural form but should not be grown below the bottom of the earlobe.

    Body Art

    Tattoos must be covered at all times when serving guests, as well as during breaks and when going between work area and parking area. Tattoos on the face or neck are not allowed of Big Sky Resort employees. If your tattoo cannot be covered, only small and non-offensive tattoos may be visible. Examples of offensive tattoos include, but are not limited to, those of obscene or sexual connotation or that are frightful. Any tattoo that cannot be covered while at work must be approved by a supervisor.


    Just as Big Sky seeks to offer clean and sanitary spaces for the pleasure of our guests, we also look to our employees to present a clean and sanitary image. When on duty, employees are expected to use judgment and are prohibited from wearing anything on duty that might be considered soiled, in need of repair, or that might create a safety hazard. No underwear or skin may be exposed at the waist. Show up looking good and feeling good.


    Make sure your hats are approved or issued by Big Sky Resort. Baseball hats should be worn brim forward.


    You must wear the appropriate shoes or boots for your job's activities. Most positions require close-toed shoes.

    Name Badge

    You will be issued a name badge when starting work. It is to be worn where it may be easily seen during working hours, be company issued and read your proper name. If you forget or lose your badge, you must obtain a replacement from your supervisor.

  • Winter and Summer

    • 50% off on food at Vista Hall and 25% off at all other Big Sky Resort food outlets. Discount does not include alcohol. Not to be combined with any other discount. See other food discounts for each season below.
    • 20%-30% discount off in-stock merchandise at Big Sky Resort-owned outlets.
    • Family lodging discounts - Huntley Lodge 50% off rack rate for immediate family on a space-available basis.
    • Huntley Lodge Health Club discounts
    • Solace Spa discounts on treatments.
    • Direct deposit for all banks within the United States
    • Service recognition awards and company-sponsored events
    • Team member activities
    • Access to Expertvoice
    • Verizon wireless discounts
    • Time and a half for worked holidays for hourly employees (3 designated holidays per year - 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).
    • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Accident, and Disability Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts (Seasonal employees who have been employed for at least one year and have worked 1560 hours during the audit year will be eligible next enrollment period.
    • 401 (K) / Roth - Must be 21 years old and a U.S. citizen during the benefit year.

    Additional Winter Benefits

    • Team member ski pass-  Free all-access pass for full-time team members!
    • Part-time team members get a free Blue Pass or may purchase an all-access ski pass for a non-refundable cost of $250 + tax.
    • 50% discount on food at Headwaters Grill.
    • Discounted lift tickets - Up to 10 half-price lift tickets for friends and family.
    • Mountain Sports lessons - Free lessons on designated days; discounts on ski or snowboard lessons at other times.
    • Ski Rental - Discounts on rentals for employees and immediate family.
    • Ski Repair - Discounts on tune-ups, P-tex work, sharpen, wax, and binding installation.
    • Montana Ski Area Association tickets - Two FREE lift tickets to all Montana ski resorts.
    • Ski at other Boyne Mountains with a valid season pass (some Boyne Resorts require lodging for your free ticket ).
    • Discounted Lone Mountain Ranch cross country ski pass.

    Additional Summer Benefits

    • Team member golf pass ($150 refundable deposit required for employees that have worked less than 3 seasons.)
    • Part-time team member golf pass - Non-refundable cost of $250.
    • Golf Pro Shop - discounts on merchandise, range fees, cart rental, and guest green fees.
    • Discounted Golf for friends and family
    • Bike rental discounts (dependent on availability)
    • Free summer lift pass - access to downhill mountain bike trails.
    • Free Basecamp activities - Ziplines, Lone Peak Expedition, and more.  See Basecamp for further details.

    * Some restrictions apply

  • Full-Time team members are eligible for Employee Housing throughout the duration of their employment with Big Sky Resort. Employee Housing is dorm styled with double and triple occupancy rooms.* Facilities are located in both Big Sky and Bozeman. Team members will receive access to the Employee Housing Portal and Application with their Hired Packets.

    *Due to COVID-19, occupancy levels of our dorms will be temporarily reduced and a limited number of singles may be available.

    Please contact the Housing Office concerning availability. Please do not plan to reside in housing until you have been offered a position with Big Sky Resort.

    Benefits of Employee Housing

    • Opportunity to meet people from around the world
    • Affordable housing in the Big Sky area
    • Payroll deducted
    • Housing upon arrival
    • Flexible length of stay / no lease
    • Easy short-term housing during housing search
    • Easy access to Skyline bus route
    • Free Wifi internet access
    • Free satellite TV access
    • Minimal deposit required

    Alternative Housing Options

    Like most resort communities, affordable housing can be difficult to find in Big Sky. Luckily, we have a few great resources available to help with the search:

    Nearly half of our team members commute from the surrounding communities of Bozeman, Ennis, and West Yellowstone. These communities are great options for those looking to save on housing.

    • Bozeman: located 45 miles north of Big Sky via Highway 191. Regular bus service provided by Skyline. Free bus pass available with employment. Commute time: 60-minute drive, 90-120 minute bus ride.
    • Ennis: a smaller town located 30 miles west of Big Sky via Jack Creek Road (private, gated dirt road). Ennis residents receive a free Jack Creek Road pass with employment. A reliable high-clearance all-wheel-drive vehicle is required to drive JCR. Commute time: 50 minutes.
    • West Yellowstone: located 50 miles south of Big Sky via highway 191, next to Yellowstone National Park. Commute time: 60 minutes.

    Housing Questions or Comments?

    Human Resources
    Phone: (406) 995-5706

  • Big Sky Resort employs summer and winter university students on J1 cultural exchange visas. Watch for our schedule of J1 Job Fairs.

    J1 Students

    • New J1 Visa team members must be hired through an Agency Job Fair.
    • All new J1 hires must be hired at a job fair. View summer Job Fair schedules.
    • We only hire under the independent option if you are a return Big Sky team members or participating in a Trainee program.

    Contact Hannah Damberg at for more information and to confirm dates on J1 Visas.

    H2B Team Members

    We currently do not accept H2B applications. This is subject to change.

    Social Security Cards

    Activate your SEVIS account immediately upon arrival in the United States. New J1 visa team members must apply for a social security card, 10 days after activating SEVIS.

    Please have your card mailed directly to Big Sky Resort. Upon receiving your Social Security Card, it must be signed and brought to Human Resources.

    View Social Security Application Instructions. More information about Social Security Cards is available at

    Opening a US Bank Account

    You will need to bring the following to a US bank to open an account: Passport and DS 2019.

    We recommend starting Direct Deposit to enable your paycheck to go directly to your bank account for immediate access. Please sign up with Payroll. It takes one full pay cycle to verify Direct Deposit.

  • Mailing Address

    Big Sky Resort
    PO Box 160001
    Big Sky, MT 59716

    Physical Address

    50 Big Sky Resort Road
    Big Sky, MT 59716

    Office Hours

    Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM
    Closed on Tuesday from 1 PM - 2 PM for a weekly team meeting


    Human Resources

    Brian Berry, HR Director
    Training and Grievances

    Hannah Damberg, Recruiter
    Applications, Current Employee Agreements
    (406) 995-5819

    HR Generalist
    (406) 995-5706

    Payroll & Past Employment Verifications

    Chelsea Nickerson, Payroll Manager
    Benefits, Payroll, Unemployment, and W2s 
    (406) 995-5834

    Ana Backstrom, Assistant Payroll Manager
    Payroll, Unemployment, and W2s 
    (406) 995-5812


    Lindsay Colbert, Housing Manager and Safety Coordinator
    (406) 995-5835