Looking Good

Our appearance is a direct extension of the resort's ambiance. It lets us show the guest a positive appearance and attitude. Your personal appearance and hygiene affects guest and co-worker relations. It can create a favorable or unfavorable impression of you and our Company. Big Sky's image requires employees to be conservatively dressed,
neat and clean at all times. 

Employees are expected to wear the Company prescribed uniform. Should your position not require a uniform, then you should dress in a manner suitable to the job duties. You should consult with your manager if you have any questions regarding the dress standards established for your position. If you report for work inappropriately dressed or groomed, a supervisor may request you to correct the problem before continuing to work and this may result in disciplinary action.

Exceptions will be granted based on a showing of a necessary accommodation for religious or other purposes as required by law. Requests must be submitted in writing to Human Resources. Requests for accommodation should include an explanation of reasons supporting your request. Managers reserve the right to determine appropriate appearance.

All Employees

Dress, hairstyle, cosmetics and/or jewelry, which might reasonably be considered by guests, coworkers or members of the public to be extreme, offensive, not in good taste, revealing or distracting are inappropriate and unacceptable.


Clothing that is excessively soiled, unprepared, in need of repair, or that might create a safety hazard is considered inappropriate and is prohibited. No underwear or skin may be exposed at the waist. Clothes are to be neat and clean when on duty.


Only Big Sky Resort issued or approved hats are permissible and baseball hats must be worn brim forward for positions that allow hats to be worn. No offensive messages/logos or competing resorts' hats are allowed.


Hair must be neat and clean of a natural color (not purple, green, etc.). If men's hair exceeds collar length, it must be pulled back in a ponytail or tucked up under a company approved hat. Extreme styles (i.e. trendy shaves, Mohawks, spiked, matted styles, dreadlocks) must be pulled back or tucked up under a company-approved hat or
otherwise, not allowed.


Employees should bathe, deodorize and maintain proper oral hygiene prior to coming to work. Use of strong perfumes or colognes is not permitted. Nails should be clean and trimmed.

Name Badge

You will be issued a name badge when starting work. It is to be worn where it may be easily seen during working hours, be company issued and read your proper name. If you forget or lose your badge, you must obtain a replacement from your supervisor.


You must wear the appropriate shoes or boots for your job's activities. Most positions require close-toed shoes.

Body Art

Tattoos must be covered at all times when in front of guests, including during breaks and when going between work area and parking area. Tattoos on the face or neck are not allowed. If the tattoo cannot be covered, only small and non-offensive tattoos may be visible. Examples of offensive tattoos include, but are not limited to, those of obscene or sexual connotation or that are frightful. A tattoo that cannot be covered while at work must be within parameters of the corporate policy for tattoos and approved by a supervisor.

Facial Hair

Male employees faces must be freshly clean shaven before reporting to work. Male employees will be permitted to wear full beards, mustaches, and goatees while employed with Big Sky Resort. However, there are some guidelines that need to be followed:

  1. In order to comply with appearance standards, male employees must have full grown facial hair on the date they begin work; patchy, inconsistent coverage is not allowed. They may not grow a beard, mustache, or goatee at any time while resort is open for guests, facial hair may be grown during times of shutdown, PTO and shoulder seasons. Therefore, those employees that do not have full beards, goatees, or mustaches when the season starts must remain clean-shaven.
  2. All beards, mustaches, and goatees must be neatly trimmed daily. Beards may not exceed more than one-half inch in thickness and may not extend onto the neck area. Mustaches must not extend below the upper lip or exceed more than one-half inch in thickness, must be neatly tapered on the ends, and not present a bushy appearance. Goatees should be trimmed daily and not exceed more than one-half inch in thickness.
  3. Sideburns are permitted if neatly trimmed to their natural form but should not be grown below the bottom of the earlobe.


Excessive jewelry and any jewelry posing a safety risk are not allowed. Small earrings are allowed on the lower lobes. No more than two earrings on lower lobe may be worn while working. Facial piercings are not allowed. A small stud in one nostril is the only exception. All other facial piercings should be removed while in uniform/at work. Ear gauges are not allowed. Tongue, lip and eyebrow piercings and nose rings are not allowed to be worn while in uniform/at work.

Should these expectations be of a concern, please ask your hiring manager for guidance on acceptable appearance standards for your department prior to accepting position. Management and Human Resources reserves the right to determine what an acceptable appearance is.