Equipment Policy

Big Sky Resort On-Mountain Winter Equipment Policy

Big Sky Resort's lifts and terrain primarily accommodate skiers, snowboarders, and snow bikers using equipment that includes metal edges and retention devices. The user must be able to load and unload the lifts safely and without assistance; adaptive skiers needing assistance please see our ADA policy.

Allowed devices:

  • Alpine/Telemark/Mono/Sit Skis: Allowed with a working brake or retention system
  • Snowboards: Allowed with a working retention device (highback binding considered okay)
  • Snowblades: Allowed with a working retention device
    • Snowblades are not allowed on the Lone Peak Tram
  • Snowshoes: Allowed on designated trails only (not allowed on chairlifts)
  • Snowdecks & Snow Scooters: Allowed if they meet the following criteria:
    • Equipment has a metal edge
    • Equipment has a working retention device
    • The rider can load and unload safely at normal speed on the lifts

Snow Bike Policies:

  • Equipment used will be designed for and fit for the intended purpose
  • Attachments, pivots, and connections must all be engineered solutions
  • Chairlift restraint bar must be used when transporting snow bikes
  • Rider must use a safety leash
  • Rider must be able to load and unload without slowing lift
  • Snow bikes must be able to securely stay on chairs with no assistance from the rider
  • Snow bikes are only allowed on chairlifts with safety bars
  • Snow bikes are not allowed on the Lone Peak Tram
  • Riders and snow bikes must be able to go through lift lines without causing interruptions
  • Snow bikes must not be motorized for use with traditional ski/snowboard users

All other devices are not allowed, including, but not limited to:

  • Plastic skis and snowboards
  • Skis, snowboards, and other devices without metal edges
  • Sleds/discs/toboggans/tubes
  • Fat Bikes
  • Bicycle conversions (not allowed to have gears, chain, wheels, tires, or crank assembly)

Please also note our Flying Devices Policy.