Kids Club

This afternoon program is open daily from 4:00pm - 6:00pm for kids age 4 and up. Space is limited to 16 children, and we close down if nobody shows up by 4:30pm, so be ready to go at 4:00pm! Please dress appropriately, children must wear shoes and bring jackets, snowpants, gloves and hats so we can play ourside! Please do not come in your ski/snowboard boots. Call Kids Club Information Line at (406) 995-5557, or Basecamp at (406) 995-5769 for more details.

Kids Club is FREE for guests of Big Sky Central Reservations, or $15 for all other guests.


Masterpiece Mondays
Come create a masterpiece with us! From glue pictures, to painting, masks to lego towers! You'll create a fun one of a kind work of art!

Tye- Dye Tuesdays
Get ready for the cat walk... You'll make your own fashionable and wearable art with colorful keepsakes to take home and share!

Wild Winter Wednesday
Salty snowflakes and blow paint snowstorms or snowmen and snow stomping outside- come join us for some wild winter fun!

Theme Thursday
Pirates, castles and creatures, robots, or the night sky- every Thursday lets explore a new theme and learn fun facts and look at cool pictures while we create a fun craft to show what we have learned!

Feature Fridays
What's your favorite movie? Who is your favorite book character? Lets learn to draw Olaf and sing the Lego Movie song. Choose your favorite feature and we will create a fun craft to go with it!

Snow Side Saturdays (Ski Patrol Rescue Dog Demonstration)
Who loves snow pups? Join our furry friends and friendly patrollers at the ski patrol dog demonstration out at the Plaza fire pit. Make sure you bundle up since it is cold outside!

Slimy Sundays
Have you ever made Slime? How about Oobleck? Come check out how to make a slimy experiment. We can make it, play with it, and maybe even bring it home! Show off your slimy creation!