Gold Season Pass Parking FAQs

We are excited to offer this benefit to Gold season passholders for the upcoming winter season.

The Gold Lot is located in current day parking.

  • The lot is currently planned to be placed in current day skier lots A through E, up to 200 parking spaces.

  • To enter the Gold Pass Lot, passholders will flash their Gold Pass to the gate attendant. Please note, your Gold Pass needs to have a silver metallic Big Sky Resort decal attached for admittance. If you are missing this from your Gold Pass, please visit the Mountain Services office.

  • We require at least one rider in the car to have a Gold Pass. We love carpooling! Child Gold Passes (free for children 6 & under) do not qualify.

  • The lot will be cordoned off for Gold season passholders and staffed with attendants until 11am. After 11am, general public is welcome to park in those rows.

  • It is first-come, first-served. Up to 200 parking spaces will be held until 11am for Gold passholders. Carpool with your ski buddies!

  • No overnight parking will be permitted.