Transformational mountain experiences begin with elevated infrastructure.

From installing the world's longest fixed-grip triple lift in 1973 to the world's most technologically advanced lift and America's first 8-seat lift in 2018, Big Sky Resort has consistently been a leader in advancing chairlift technology. Learn more about our top-of-the-line chairlifts, both on-mountain and upcoming.

- A transformative lift network on Lone Mountain
Big Sky 2025: The Final Chapter
A transformative lift network on Lone Mountain
Installed 2023


Lone Peak Tram Cabin

Fifty years from Big Sky Resort’s inaugural opening day in 1973, skiers, snowboarders, and sightseers board the new Lone Peak Tram as it smoothly ascends to the resort’s 11,166-foot summit. The Lone Peak Tram is an engineering marvel positioned to serve as a gateway to experience one of North America’s most spectacular summits on Lone Mountain.

The new tram is a complete replacement of the original jig-back gondola built in 1995. This state-of-the-art aerial tram technology is newly routed to carry more passengers spaciously up 2,142 vertical feet in just under five minutes. After two years of construction and many more years of planning before, the Lone Peak Tram’s debut marks a new era for the resort. The tram complex will evolve in the years ahead, with the addition of a breathtaking observation experience planned at the upper terminal in both the winter and summer season.

The new Lone Peak Tram is part of a base-to-summit lift network that will more fully come to life by the end of the decade, starting with the addition of the Explorer Gondola, scheduled to open for winter 25/26. This new lift network will create improved access to the resort’s premier learning terrain, accessible to pedestrians for the first time ever, and complemented with new food and beverage experiences.

Installed 2021

Swift Current 6

Swift Current 6

Replacing the Swift Current high-speed quad, Swift Current 6 increases uphill capacity out of the Mountain Village base area by up to 50%. A gearless drive makes for whisper-quiet operations and significantly improves energy efficiency. On the hill, the new 90-degree unload will exit skiers toward the bowl on Jay Walk, creating a smoother skier flow. Equipped with Big Sky Blue weatherproof bubbles, ultrawide heated seats, and individual headrests and footrests, this highly anticipated upgrade offers unrivaled comfort and speed on the mountain.

Progressive safety features include an adjustable loading carpet, automatic locking and unlocking safety bars, and speaker systems at each lift tower for emergency communication. The lift's wind-resistant design further improves efficiency and reliability, and a redesign of the top terminal will enhance the flow of traffic from the Shedhorn area and reduce the number of stops occurring at the offloading ramp.

Installed 2018

Ramcharger 8

Ramcharger 8

As the first 8-seat chair in North America, Ramcharger 8 launched lift technology into a new era. Big Sky Resort worked closely with Doppelmayr to utilize their most advanced capabilities to greatly enhance guest comfort, reliability, and safety.

Achievements include the first direct-drive motor in North America, creating significantly increased reliability. the highest possible energy efficiency, and whisper-quiet rides. Equipped with a weatherproof Big Sky Blue Bubble and ultra-wide ergonomic heated seats, guest comfort is optimized while the improved technology eases maintenance. The 30' x 10' high resolution LED screen at the bottom terminal displays weather status, resort information, and promotional material to guests both loading the lift and in the Mountain Village area.

Other features include height-adjustable conveyor loading for safety and efficiency, fully automated chair parking to keep the chairs in optimal condition, and European-style tapered towers which improve structural efficiency. 

Installed 2016


Powder Seeker 6

In the summer of 2016, Powder Seeker replaced the Lone Peak Triple lift and Challenger transformed from a double to a triple. Both chair upgrades were designed to add access to Big Sky's advanced terrain with comfort and reliability top of mind.

Whisking skiers up to the top of the bowl in only 3 minutes, Powder Seeker 6 takes comfort to a higher level with heated seats, headrests, and a Big Sky Blue Bubble. The upgrade from a 3-place to a 6-place chair also doubled uphill capacity, encouraging skiers to explore Big Sky's expansive terrain.

Challenger 3 might not be as flashy, but the installation of a conveyor loading system allows the chair to run 30% faster than before. Its burly components allow it to run in harsher conditions, allowing consistent access to some of the resort's most coveted advanced terrain.

Lift Stats

Lift Features Capacity Vertical Length Ride Time
Lone Peak Tram High Speed 75 2,142 ft 4,612 ft 4 min

High Speed
D-Line Technology
Heated seats
Big Sky Blue Bubble

8 1,160 ft 4,578 ft 4.5 min
Swift Current High Speed
D-Line Technology
Heated seats
Big Sky Blue Bubble
6 1,647 ft 8,555 ft 7 min
Powder Seeker High Speed
Heated seats
Big Sky Blue Bubble
6 833 ft 2,643 ft 2.5 min
Six Shooter High Speed 6 1,828 ft 8,457 ft 8.5 min
Thunder Wolf High Speed 4 1,728 ft 5,966 ft 6 min
Shedhorn High Speed 4 1,484 ft 4,623 ft 4.5 min
Southern Comfort High Speed 4 1,250 ft 6,055 ft 6 min
Lewis and Clark High Speed
Weatherproof Bubble
4 715 ft 4,182 ft 4 min
Iron Horse Fixed Grip 4 874 ft 3,370 ft 7.5 min
Lone Tree Fixed Grip 4 650 ft 1,540 ft 3.5 min
Derringer Fixed Grip 4 429 ft 2,481 ft 5.5 min

Fixed Grip

3 1,645 ft 4,111 ft 9 min
Lone Moose Fixed Grip 3 1,292 ft 4,131 ft 8.5 min
Dakota Fixed Grip 3 1,210 ft 3,100ft 6 min
Pony Express Fixed Grip 3 560 ft 3,100 ft 6 min
Cascade* Fixed Grip 3 448 ft 3,295 ft 6.5 min
Sacajawea Fixed Grip 3 544 ft 2,562 ft 5 min
Cabin* Fixed Grip 3 136 ft 1,614 ft 3 min
Highlands* Fixed Grip 3 951 ft 3,845 ft 8 min
Jayhawk* Fixed Grip 3 207 ft 2,552 ft 5 min
Headwaters Fixed Grip 2 686 ft 1,500 ft 3 min
Explorer Fixed Grip 2 622 ft 3,700 ft 7.5 min
White Otter* Fixed Grip 2 210 ft 2,200 ft 4.5 min
Little Thunder* Fixed Grip 2 71 ft 922 ft 2 min
Stagecoach* Fixed Grip 2 191 ft 2,170 ft 4.5 min

*Primarily real estate access only.

Big Sky Resort also has 12 surface lifts.