M-BAR-T Good Student Program

Rewarding good grades with discounts on season passes.

Our community is a core value of Big Sky Resort. Our M-BAR-T program rewards students and their families with easier access to the activities that make growing up in Big Sky special.


Winter 2024-25

Double Black Pass
- Junior (7-12): $700 | Teen (13-17): $1,020
No blackout dates + 25 ski/snowboard tram rides & 10 winter scenic tram rides

Black Pass - $500 (all ages)
No blackout dates

Blue Pass - $300 (all ages)
Sunday - Friday skiing with blackout dates over busy holidays

Please see our season pass pages for information on the benefits of each pass.



Students must have a 3.0 GPA at participating schools or homeschool testing services. M-BAR-T passes are available to 1st-12th grade students in Gallatin, Madison, Beaverhead, Park, and Sweet Grass counties. Please contact your school to see if your school is participating in the M-BAR-T program. For details on homeschool testing requirements, please see the application form.


M-BAR-T passes cannot be purchased until after your student's first grading period of the school year. The timing of the grading period is dependent on the individual school. Big Sky must also receive proof of eligible grades FROM THE SCHOOL. Pricing and availability for M-BAR-T passes will not change during the ski season.
Read and sign the full application form that applies to your student. Applications must include the form, season pass agreement, proof of eligibility from the school, and payment. Submit applications at the Ticket Windows in Mountain Village, Basecamp, or the Madison Base Area Ticket Office. Applications must be submitted in person.
  • First, contact your school to verify that they are participating in the program. Then verify that your student qualifies by having a 3.0 GPA or equivalent for the first grading period. 

  • Because the M-BAR-T program is GPA dependent, M-BAR-T passes cannot be purchased until after the first grading period for your student's school. This means season passes for winter 2024-2025 will not be available to purchase until fall of 2024. For many schools, the end of the first grading period falls after the ski season has started. 

  • This is entirely up to your student's school. Usually grading is not available until after the first midterm of the school year. For many schools, the end of the first grading period falls after the ski season has started. Please contact your school for information on when they will determine M-BAR-T eligibility.

  • Your student's school can choose either to send Big Sky Resort a list of eligible students or they can elect to print out a verification letter for the student to bring to the resort at the time of purchase. 

  • Please contact your school's administrator to verify which method they have chosen.

  • No. Big Sky must receive grading verification through official channels from the school itself. 

  • Please go to either the Basecamp or Mountain Services office after November 25, 2024, or to the Madison Base Office after mid-December to drop off the completed packet and pick up the pass.

  • YES. Your student must be present at the time of pass pickup in order to get a new pass photo. A new photo must be taken each year. Pass photos cannot be sent in or taken from an existing photo. 

  • NO, PROVIDED the entire packet is filled out and signed by you and your student and they have a valid form of payment. 

  • Please contact the Mountain Services office at (800) 548-4486.

  • Please have your school's administration contact us at MBART@bigskyresort.com. The program is open to schools in Gallatin, Madison, Beaverhead, Park, and Sweet Grass counties. Students that are living in these counties but enrolled remotely in a school district located elsewhere are not eligible for this program.