Oct 7, 2020

Connect and recreate at Hybrid Mountain Meetings

Big Sky, Mont. (October 7, 2020) - Big Sky Resort is reimagining how guests attend meetings and conferences. Hybrid Mountain Meetings at Big Sky Resort will allow conference attendees to virtually experience events, presentations, and speakers broadcasted from within the resort at the Yellowstone Conference Center from the comfort of their Big Sky Resort accommodations.

"Hybrid Mountain Meetings continue to offer what makes meetings and conferences so valuable - the opportunities for networking and connections," said Katie Grice, director of group sales at Big Sky Resort. "Although large group functions are currently limited, conference attendees and speakers have opportunities to connect in smaller groups for a chairlift meeting, or a fireside coffee in Mountain Village," added Grice.

Hybrid Mountain Meetings allow meeting attendees to come to the resort as individual travelers while continuing the social component of conferences and maintaining one-on-one connections safely and comfortably.

"We've adopted the most advanced virtual meeting technology available, allowing us to offer an innovative meeting model that we expect to last long after the effects of COVID-19 are behind us," said Rachel Stewart, the resort's director of conference services.

Meetings at Big Sky Resort offer the most versatile, innovative virtual meeting broadcasting, with the same recreation and relaxation opportunities and Montana hospitality sought out by meeting planners and conference attendees alike.