2024-25 Season Pass Agreement

Terms and Conditions for purchasing a Big Sky Resort season pass are as follows. Each guest who purchases a season pass or has a pass purchased and assigned to their name, shall be referred to as "Applicant" for the following terms and conditions.

1. Big Sky Resort passes are issued to the Applicant only and are nontransferable (either for money or general use) and nonrefundable. Individuals who misuse pass privileges by allowing their pass to be used by others invalidate the pass and are committing a crime punishable under Mont. Code Ann. § 45-6-305.

2. Lost or stolen passes must be reported immediately to the Mountain Services Office at 1-(800) 548-4486. There will be a replacement fee of $5.00. Passes that are lost or stolen and not reported immediately will be handled in the same manner as a misused pass. Damaged passes which do not work properly will be replaced free of charge.

3. Applicant's age for appropriate pass product will be determined as of 12/1/2024. Please purchase the correct, age-appropriate product for each applicant. If purchased products are incorrect, Big Sky Resort will charge the difference in original purchase price and the full season rate for the correct, age-appropriate product.

4. The Applicant agrees to have this pass ready to be scanned each time he/she boards a lift. At any time while on the mountain, the Applicant may be required to present his/her pass to a Big Sky Employee.

5. The Applicant fully understands that violating any of the rules and regulations of Big Sky Resort may be cause for suspension or permanent revocation of his/her pass. In addition to suspension or revocation of a pass, violations may also result in the Applicant being subject to criminal charges under Montana Law. Some of the actions that may result in pass suspension or revocation include, but are not limited to, the following:

Reckless or careless skiing ~ Skiing outside ski area boundaries unless accessed by proper gates ~ Skiing any closed trails ~ Skiing of any trail or area not open for skiing ~Ducking ropes ~ Lift line crashing ~ Intoxication or drug use ~ The use of profanity or general rudeness towards any patron, invitee or employee of Big Sky Resort ~ Harassment, hindrance, or obstruction in any way of any patron, invitee or employee of Big Sky Resort ~ Any fraudulent, illegal, or unauthorized use of the season pass ~ Collision with other skiers caused by the Applicant's negligence ~ Vandalism or theft of property ~ Loading or unloading from any ski lift except at regular stations ~ Skiing/riding in a manner inconsistent with the Skier Responsibility Code

6. Big Sky Resort passes are issued solely for the private use and enjoyment of the Applicant. The Applicant may not use their pass for any business purposes of any nature and shall not conduct any business or solicit any business of any nature or description within Big Sky Resort without the prior written approval of Big Sky Resort.

7. The Applicant understands and agrees that he/she assumes the risk of variable conditions. No guarantee or promises for the conditions or the days of operation are made to the Applicant. The Applicant must understand that certain ski trails and ski lifts may be closed for certain periods of time due to maintenance, repairs, and/or conditions; the Applicant is not eligible for any compensation for lift closures or stoppages.

8. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that Big Sky Resort, in its sole discretion, can refuse to sell a pass to any Applicant.