Situational Assessment

Big Sky Resort and the community of Big Sky were leaders in recognizing early the dangers Covid-19 presented for mass spreading events and illness. On March 15, 2020, before any guidance or policy established by governmental officials, we announced a complete closure of operations. We recognized the dramatic consequences this decision would have on the business model, ours, and others. We're happy to report that, through good decision making or good luck, we're fortunate that the community of Big Sky has had only a handful of known Covid-19 cases, and have had good outcomes. However, the economic consequences have been severe. Most businesses transitioned from the peak of their spring revenue period to zero revenue, in the course of 24 hours.

As hard as closing was, opening will be harder. Next to protecting community health, nothing is more important than restarting our hospitality operations guided by solid science and good data guiding it. We believe this is smart for getting us open, and for keeping us open. In coordination with governmental and community leaders, getting the local economy restarted, and taking care of one another while we do, is our next step. Doing this in a carefully phased approach will give us time to observe and perfect processes, then scale up.

We look forward to again sharing the natural beauty and recreational assets of our mountain town with guests from near and far who make our lives here possible.