Shedhorn Skimo

  • March 14, 2020

Shedhorn Skimo Logo

The 6th Annual Shedhorn Skimo comes to Big Sky Resort on March 14, 2020. This event is two different races:

Shedhorn: approximately 16-18 miles with an 8,600' - 9,500' elevation gain

Pronghorn: 7.5 miles with a 4,000 - 4,600' elevation gain

These are technical ski mountaineering races and are designed to test multiple skill sets:

  • Technical
  • Mountaineering skills
  • Ski ability
  • Endurance

The races will incorporate one or two summits of Lone Peak and one summit of Three Forks. Flags will mark the courses. Please note uphill traffic will be in use on the Middle Road, Duck Walk, Liberty Bowl, A-Z's and Stillwater Road.