Check back soon for 2020-21 ski season lessons and programs!

Discover the Biggest Skiing in America with Big Sky Mountain Sports School.

Take your skiing or riding to the next level with one of the finest Mountain Sports Schools in America. Whether it's improving your technique, learning a new lifelong sport, or looking to learn the ins and outs of our mountain, our diverse staff of certified instructors brings a wealth of knowledge and enjoyment to your Big Sky experience.

With 5,850 acres of skiable terrain, our ski instructors and mountain guides can help you navigate the mountain and make the best of your experience. Take your day to the next level with guided experiences such as Everett's First Tracks Breakfast or Headlamp Night Skiing. We highly recommend skiing with a guide for your first time on the mountain to show you the slopes.

Big Sky Mountain Sports family-friendly atmosphere provides safe and exciting skiing and riding adventures. Lift tickets are required during lessons. Children 6 and under always ski free. For students 7-14 a discounted lift ticket can be purchased for $49 online at the time of purchase or in the office at check-in. Book online for the best savings.

At Big Sky Resort we have two base areas with excellent Mountain Sports offerings. Please make sure to note down at which base you have booked your lesson or program.

Mountain Village

Located in the Snowcrest building in the heart of the Mountain Village, Mountain Village Mountain Sports offers an abundance of different programs including Everett's First Tracks breakfast, headlamp night skiing, private lessons, guided experiences, group lessons, ski and ride packages, local's programs, NASTAR, adaptive programs, and much more.

Contact the Mountain Village Snow Sports School at (406) 995-5743 or

Madison Base

Located a short drive from the Mountain Village and Moonlight Lodge, this family-friendly base has the shortest walk to the mountain sports office. Programs offered include guided experiences, lessons with half day options, and youth local programs. Offering lessons from December 13, 2019 - April 5, 2020.

Contact the Madison Base Snow Sports School at (406) 993-6062 or

Understanding Snow Sports Levels

In order to best instruct our guests, we classify levels of skiing and snowboarding. Please see below for guidance on what each level translates to in ability.

Skiing Levels

1 - First time on skis

2 - Can glide in a wedge | Stops evenly in a wedge | Links wedge turns | Controls speed with turn shape | Can stop by turning

3 - Controls speed by turning | can adjust wedge size in turn | Skies easy green runs confidently

4 - Starts turn in wedge | Consistently matches skis between turns

5 - Consistently parallel on green runs | Use pole touch to trigger parallel matching on easy blue runs

6 - Can vary parallel turn size and shape on any groomed blue run

7 - Links parallel turns in blue bumps | Links parallel turns in blue powder

8 - Skis easy blacks safely and dynamically

9 - Dynamically carves turns | dynamically skis all lines in the bumps

Snowboarding Levels

1 - First time on a snowboard

2 - J-Turns | Heel edge skidding with speed control |Standing on heel edge

3 - Edge control with directional change | Starting to link S-turns

4 - Traverse across slope on both edges | Linking S-turns on easy green runs

5 - Can vary turn size & shape to control speed | Rides cat tracks safely

6 - Confidently riding blue runs dynamically | Riding with independent suspension | Maintain speed in moguls and powder

7 - Confidently riding easy black runs | Flexion initiation vs. extension initiation | riding fakie on easy blue terrain

8 - Riding zipper lines through bumps | Maintains speed on all black terrain

9 - Steep chutes and trees | highly technical terrain