Spa Treatment Add-Ons

Woman getting a facial
  • Hours
    Opening Nov. 27
  • Phone
    (406) 995-5803
  • Calendar
    Taking reservations November 23
  • Location
    Huntley Lodge

Peak times include:

Daily between 1:30 - 7:30 PM

All-day over the following dates:

  • 12/18 - 1/6
  • 1/15 - 1/17
  • 2/12 - 2/21
  • 3/1 - 3/14

Please note that all pricing excludes 4% resort tax and 20% service charge.

Waxing & Tinting Services

Full-service waxing and tinting services are available as an add-on to any spa service. Please inquire with our Spa Coordinators.

Head, Hand & Foot Massage

Treat yourself to a luxurious hand and foot massage, followed by a soothing scalp massage allowing you to escape into further relaxation.

25 Minutes   Peak $72 | Regular $60

Face & Scalp Massage

Focused massage on the scalp, sinuses, face, and jaws can impact your entire nervous system leaving you re-energized from head to toe.

25 Minutes   Peak $72 | Regular $60

Hair & Scalp Treatment

Unwind with a pleasant scalp massage, and enjoy a neck and shoulder massage while hair products penetrate, leaving your hair happy and healthy.

25 Minutes   Peak $72 | Regular $60

Back Exfoliation

Your hard to reach and often neglected back will be treated to a rejuvenating scrub and moisture application. By increasing blood circulation your skin will be left hydrated and glowing.

25 Minutes   Peak $72 | Regular $60

Foot Scrub

Devote a few minutes to these often mistreated parts of your body with a foot scrub followed by a warm towel wrap and massage.

25 Minutes   Peak $72 | Regular $60