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  • Teams

    Each team will have two players competing for team points on any given evening. All teams are encouraged to have a sub on their roster available for play or rotation.


    Each team will designate one player to be a team captain.
    Captains are responsible for team monies, scorecards, and relaying pertinent information.

    Starting Time

    Check in time is 5:00 PM
    Tee-off is at 5:30 PM SHARP (Be here early!)


    Cost to join the League is $200/team. Team fees are to be paid in full no later than 6/17/20. After this week no other teams will be allowed to join.

    Each team is required to submit a team roster with the names of players and subs. Only players who are on a paid team roster are eligible for hole events and weekly prizes. Subs may compete for points and optional Deuce Pot.

    Non-Big Sky Golf Club members are required to pay a league 9 hole green fee of $30 including cart. Green fees are to be paid to Big Sky Golf Club.

    Deuce Pot - There will be a $5 optional deuce pot buy-in each week. If there are no deuces money will carry-over to the next week. Payouts will be split for multiple winners. 


    Team signups need to submit their roster and be paid in full by Wednesday, June 17th.

    The first official league night for points starts on Wednesday, June 24th - Wednesday, August 26th.

    Awards night and season-ending scramble will be Wednesday, September 2nd.

    All league participants are required to keep and maintain an MSGA Handicap. This is an annual fee paid to the Montana State Golf Association and includes your MSGA yearly membership. Cost is $20.

    Each week your current Course Handicap from the corresponding tees will be used for scoring.

    Equitable Stroke Control will be used for all league rounds played for the purpose of score posting and determining 9 hole handicaps. Max score on any hole can not exceed a net triple bogey.


    Each week teams will be playing against another team in a game of "High / Low / Total". There will be 3 points per hole and a total of 27 points per match.

    All matches will stroke off of the low ball in the group. Handicap Strokes will be awarded to the higher handicap players. They will receive those strokes on the hardest handicap holes.

    Each team will have 2 players playing for points every week. In the absence of a team or player, the other team will play against Par. When playing against Par, you will receive a 2 stoke subsidy, added to your handicap. Any team playing against par must be accompanied by a sub to attest to their scorecard or if a sub is not available, that team must join another foursome to attest to their scorecard. 

    Overall League Payout 

    Season-ending league payout monies will be in the form of golf shop credit 


    In the event of a tie for 1st Place, for season-ending points standing, there will be a sudden-death playoff between the two teams using the Better Ball of Partners format, with each player playing off their most current handicap. This playoff takes place on hole's 10, 16, 17, & 18 (aka. The Gin Tour).


Sign up at the Pro Shop or by calling (406) 995-5780