Big Sky Golf Course

This scenic course was originally designed by Arnold Palmer in the early 1970's. It has been updated several times to provide more exciting play. There are 18 holes with a par of 72 and features blue, gold, white and red tee boxes. USGA Rules of Golf and local rules shall govern all play. 

Course Information

Tee Rating (m) Slope (m) Rating (w) Slope (w) Yards
Blue Tees 71.7 133 79.0 144 6800
Gold Tees 69.6 129 75.8 142 6334
White Tees 68.5 126 74.0 139 6044
Red Tees 65.4 114 69.0 127 5297

Hole Descriptions

  • Hole #1 - Par 4
    Arnold sends you out with his signature style hole, a dogleg that turns from right to left. Appearing straight forward, make sure you hit the fairway for the rough can be monstrous.

    Blue: 358 
    Gold: 343 
    White: 322 
    Red: 245

    Hole #2 - Par 5
    As you enter some of the thickest vegetation on the course, keep your eye out for the wildlife, including moose. That same foliage could cost you dearly. Try to play this hole conservatively to ensure a lower score.

    Blue: 526 
    Gold: 492 
    White: 454 
    Red: 426

    Hole #3 - Par 3
    Arguably the toughest par 3 on the course, stay on your short game to keep the strokes down. There is much more room to land in than what the tee view gives you. Missing short of the green allows for the easiest up and down opportunity!

    Blue: 235
    Gold: 214
    White: 207
    Red: 113

    Hole #4 - Par 4
    You've reached the "Amen Corner" as locals like to call the turn away from the heavy creek side vegetation. Your main concerns are to position yourself away from the natural topography along the right side to avoid getting sucked in, and to calculate the prevailing winds. Favoring the left center of the fairway from the tee is the safest play.

    Blue: 394 
    Gold: 365 
    White: 353 
    Red: 321

    Hole #5 - Par 4
    A risk/reward hole that allows the longer hitters to drive this green from the tee, this is a great chance to lay up to your favorite distance and make your birdie from the fairway. Positioning your approach shot on the correct tier of the green is critical for a one putt.

    Blue: 338 
    Gold: 314 
    White: 306 
    Red: 274

    Hole #6 - Par 5
    A par 5 that is reachable in 2 shots for the longer hitters use the stadium mounding to help your tee shot go the distance to the straight forward green. Beware of the greenside bunkers which can act as magnets.

    Blue: 523 
    Gold: 515 
    White: 495 
    Red: 446

    Hole #7 - Par 4
    Off the tee, enjoy the picturesque backdrop of playing in the mountains. Use the Big Sky Chapel (steeple tower) as your target. The approach shot to the green is very receptive with a green that is heavily sloped from back to front. Accuracy is key to not leaving yourself with a tricky chip shot.

    Blue: 423
    Gold: 392 
    White: 361 
    Red: 309

    Hole #8 - Par 3
    As you enter the home stretch of the front nine, you will again be faced with prevailing winds that make holes eight and nine challenging. This is a long tee shot that must be brought in high and soft to be successful. Use the trees behind the green for an aim point.

    Blue: 191 
    Gold: 164 
    White: 151 
    Red: 118

    Hole #9 - Par 4
    The uphill grade makes this hole play a bit longer with the wind factor. The vista of Lone Peak is the best feature as you return to the clubhouse.

    Blue: 421
    Gold: 403 
    White: 391 
    Red: 355

  • Hole #10 - Par 4
    As Arnold sends you back out onto the back nine, you encounter a strong dogleg to the right. Be ready to play the hole as it is laid out to avoid any relationships with the local condominium owners. Longer hitters can play over the fairway bunker from the tee.

    Blue: 436 
    Gold: 412 
    White: 401 
    Red: 361

    Hole #11 - Par 5
    This downhill, downwind par five can be a scoring hole. Favor the right side of the hole off the tee to avoid the lateral hazard left of the fairway. Use the flag in the background to guide you into the small green tucked behind several bunkers.

    Blue: 527 
    Gold: 482 
    White: 465 
    Red: 424

    Hole #12 - Par 4
    Playing a conservative shot off the tee to position yourself at the corner of the dogleg right of the fairway bunker will set you up for the sharp turn to the left. Choose your approach club with caution: there is not much room behind the green!

    Blue: 371 
    Gold: 339 
    White: 333 
    Red: 307

    Hole #13 - Par 3
    A good solid iron shot will leave you with a birdie opportunity. Picking the right club will avoid a 3 putt as this green is long from front to back.

    Blue: 170 
    Gold: 152 
    White: 140 
    Red: 113

    Hole #14 - Par 4
    Favor the right center of the fairway on your tee shot to avoid OB on the left. Leaving yourself below the hole on the approach is essential on this severely contoured green.

    Blue: 387 
    Gold: 363 
    White: 349 
    Red: 325

    Hole #15 - Par 5
    Enjoy the view of Lone Peak while also using it as a target off the tee on this long par 5. Remember, the approach shot into the green requires an extra club because of the uphill elevated green. Strong prevailing headwinds will make the next two holes a challenge!

    Blue: 553 
    Gold: 509 
    White: 493
    Red: 447

    Hole #16 - Par 4
    Club selection becomes your most important decision as you start your return home on the final three holes. The tee shot is very demanding so be precise with your target when you address the ball. The fairway bunkers are small but have an attraction to golf balls. Long and right are NOT an option when hitting into this green!

    Blue: 334 
    Gold: 306 
    White: 299 
    Red: 245

    Hole #17 - Par 3
    With Lone Peak behind you and the West Fork of the Gallatin on the left as you tee up, this hole provides one of the best reasons why playing Big Sky can be a memorable experience. Take into account a subtle elevation drop when making your club selection as this hole tends to play shorter than the yardage reads.

    Blue: 190 
    Gold: 168 
    White: 135 
    Red: 113

    Hole #18 - Par 4
    The narrow fairway keeps you honest off the tee. The approach can be intimidating over the small pond that shortens the fairway and creates quite an obstacle to overcome when attacking the green. Your shot onto the green will be one of your most challenging all day with no room for error around this small green.

    Blue: 423 
    Gold: 401 
    White: 389 
    Red: 355

Course Rules & Policies

Big Sky wants to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe round. We ask you to abide by the following policies while on the Big Sky Golf Course. 

  • All golfers must have a tee time and check in with the golf shop at least 15 minutes prior to starting their round.
  • Foursomes always have the right over two and threesomes. Single golfers will only be allowed at the golf shop's discretion.
  • Callaway rental clubs available, first-come first-served. 18 holes - $70 | 9 holes - $45.
  • Single rider and Spectator carts will not be offered. Single players will be expected to ride with another player in their group. One and two-player groups will be paired up with other groups whenever possible.
  • No personal coolers allowed. All beverages must be purchased from the Bunker Bar & Grill.<
  • Collared shirts are required for all golfers. No tank tops or cut-offs.
  • No metal spikes allowed.
  • There is no inclement weather warning system. All play is at the golfer's own risk. If you see lightning seek shelter immediately. Where there is thunder there is lightning.
  • Fivesomes will only be permitted at the golf shop's discretion.  Absolutely no 6-some's or more.
  • Pace of Play expectations are: 2 hours for 9 holes with no more than 10 minutes allowed at the turn.
  • You must have a valid driver's license in order to operate a golf cart. Each player riding a cart must have a cart pass.