Yellowstone National Park
Stop by Big Sky and stay at the Basecamp to Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park

  • Stop by Big Sky and stay at the Basecamp to Yellowstone

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Looking for things to do near Yellowstone National Park? Big Sky Resort is the Basecamp to Yellowstone National Park.

Big Sky is only a short drive away to the West Entrance of Yellowstone National Park, and offers great activities, comfortable uncrowded lodging and a variety of restaurants.

Around every corner a new and marvelous landscape awaits the summertime visitor to Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. In the warm months, Yellowstone park comes alive with vegetation, wildlife and the same stunning panoramas that moved early explorers to declare Yellowstone "The greatest marvel we have yet met with." Scenic hikes challenge the hardy and reward the intrepid beginner; the world's greatest concentration of geysers burble and spout amidst the glorious backdrop of the Gallatin Range; Ranger-guided tours introduce young and old alike to the natural wonders of Yellowstone; fishing, horseback riding, camping, boating, biking and the full range of back-to-nature recreation await. 

In the winter, Yellowstone is also accessible via snowcoach tours and via snowmobiles.

For more information on Yellowstone National Park hours of operation and road openings and updates visit the official website at

Stay at Big Sky Resort and explore Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem by day. Contact Big Sky Central Reservations for Lodging Reservations at (800) 548-4486.

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Discovery Yellowstone Tours
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Yellowstone Tour Guides 
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Yellowstone Vacations 
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See Yellowstone
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For Yellowstone by horseback, contact Rockin' HK Outfitters.