Big Sky Resort represents a collective of people who live and breathe the outdoors. Our mountains, rivers, and forests provide us with inspiring adventures and therapeutic escapes.

To protect our environment, health, and society, we're strengthening our commitment to sustainable business practices. We would like to continue shredding pow forever, and we're committed to sustainability to make sure that happens.


We strive to provide the most dynamic gateway to the outdoors in a way that preserves and protects it.


Our mission is to balance our environmental footprint, responsibilities to our community, and aspirations for growth to create a resilient destination for current and future generations alike.


Sustainability - we incorporate long-term thinking and resiliency in our decisions from environmental, social, and economic perspectives

- we think outside of the box and identify solutions unique to Big Sky

Collaboration - we work with all stakeholders; we all have things to learn from each other

Rigor - we do things right by involving the smallest and largest pieces of the puzzle

Responsibility - we remember the responsibility that comes with our actions and exploration

Ambition - we push standards to be better than the status quo

Connection - we respect our connection with the mountains and our ecosystem, and share that experience with those around us

Play - at the end of the day, we want to get outside and enjoy the amazing outdoor playground we are fortunate to have


Net Zero emissions by 2030

By 2030, Big Sky Resort aims to cut its entire atmospheric impact by operating with net-zero carbon emissions. This will be achieved through rigorous efficiency measures, exploration of clean energy, and investing in offset programs and state-wide green tariff systems.

By striving to reach net-zero emissions today, we are making strides to protect our environment for the future. For the sake of deep snow, clean air, and the outdoors, we look forward to embarking on a net-zero journey.