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Photo: Swift Current Glacier, courtesy of Glacier National Park

We're working to reduce our use of our natural resources, whether it be local water or petroleum from across the globe.


Snow How Technology

Big Sky Resort's mountain operation teams utilize advanced GPS systems to optimize grooming routes, limit idle times, and make the most effective use of fuel as possible. These systems help operators follow the most ideal slope path for the trails they are on and prevent grooming areas that have already been maintained. Further, the Snow How system provides assistance to maximize the efficacy of tilling the snow and deliver the cleanest tracks in the most efficient way.

Mountain Village in the sunset, looking at Lone Peak

Workforce Housing

Big Sky Resort employs up to 1,800 people at its peak season. Many of those employees are seasonal, and Big Sky Resort continues to develop and supply housing for its employees. Not only does this help reduce housing limitations in the Big Sky area, but it also reduces employee commuting. Many of the units Big Sky Resort offers are within walking distance to the resort, which frees up transportation infrastructure for others in the community.

Other Initiatives

  • Big Sky Resort has adopted a towel re-use program in all of its hotel rooms minimizing the amount of laundry necessary that saves electricity, along with the use of water, discharge and cleaning products.
  • Mountain operations has a no-idle policy for all mountain operations vehicles, including snowcats and snowmobiles.
  • The Big Sky Golf Course only uses a third of the chemicals that your average golf course would.
  • Skyline Bus: Big Sky financially supports the Skyline and Skylink mass transportation programs that provide free bus service between Mountain Village and Meadow Village businesses as well as between the Bozeman and Big Sky communities.
  • Big Sky Resort uses all waterless urinals.
  • Employees are encouraged to car-pool and employees in staff housing locations in the Mountain Village are encouraged to walk to work.
  • There is a no-idle policy for vehicles at both Front Desk check-in locations and skier drop-off/pick-up locations in the Big Sky Mountain Village.