Vista Hall

The new Vista Hall has given Big Sky Resort a great platform to test different sustainability practices in our dining environments. From sourcing to straws, learn more about the initiatives happening in this new space.

Composting Pilot

Big Sky Resort has started a partnership with a local, independent composting facility to reduce its food waste. This winter, we expect to keep more than one ton of food waste out of landfills through this program. Our partner is located an hour away in Bozeman, and collect from other individuals and businesses in the area with biofuel-powered trucks. Once processed, the finished compost is sold to locals, promoting healthy agricultural development in the community. Currently, there is no municipal composting system in the area, so this pilot is paving the way for other areas of the resort to significantly reduce food waste.

Recycling & Single-Use Items

The new Vista Hall has more recycling bins available to guests, but that's only half the story. By sourcing products that are recyclable in Montana, we can ensure that more items are being recycled. It also helps ensure that our recycling is not contaminated with items that might be recyclable in other municipalities and regions, like glass bottles. Grab-and-go items are packaged in compostable packaging that is made from plants rather than petroleum. By making sure the products we sell are compatible with the recycling infrastructure around us, Big Sky Resort can take better ownership of the waste it and its guests create.

Reusable Cutlery and Dishware

The best way to reduce reliance on single-use items is to replace them with reusables. Vista Hall uses reusable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, and trays that are dropped off at collection stations once they are done being used. Given the volume of skiers, guests, and employees that use these items daily, these items are keeping lots of disposables out of the landfill, while providing a more comforting dining setting.